BOLT! Action: “The Fastest Man Alive” Now an App

July 17, 2012

Words By Nico Simino—

The fastest man in the world now has his own app in the iTunes store. BOLT! is a fun little obstacle game that pits Usain Bolt against treasure hungry pirates. As you play, you dodge pirates and obstacles while collecting gold, which is what Usain has been doing ever since his three world record-setting races at the 2008 Olympics in Bejing. The game comes just as Usain is set to repeat his performance for the 2012 London Olympic games. “I’ve always been a big gamer and love games like Call of Duty and PES,” Bolt said of his own aming habits. “Ever since seeing Bruce Jenner’s Decathlon I’ve wanted to have my own video game.”

While the game is enjoyable and has high replay value, the blatant corporate advertising is a bit bothersome. Part of the instructions are to drink Gatorade, and avoid water—I don’t know if I want my kid following that advice! Download BOLT! for your iPad/iPhone/iTouch here.