LargeUp Premiere: Inner Circle x I-Octane x Bizerk, “Young Wild and Free” (Reggae Remix) Video

February 7, 2012

Words by Jesse Serwer, Photos by Simone Serwerโ€”

In November, Inner Circle teamed with deejay-of-the-moment I-Octane and young Miami rapper Bizerk to record a reggae remix/answer to Wiz Khalifa and Snoop’s “Young Wild and Free.” An effort by the reggae veterans to connect with the new generation, this one has those feelgood, sunny-day vibes people associate with Inner Circle, and is definitely a step outside the zone in which we’re used to seeing the typically badmind-minded I-Octane.

With the song getting airplay on Miami’s 99 Jamz, and a good response on the Internet, the parties in question convened on Martin Luther King Day for a video shoot at NLPG Studio in Miami, and invited LargeUp to document the proceedings. Watch the world premiere of the video belowโ€”look out for the cameos from Flo Rida and Tony Matterhorn, among othersโ€”and check our exclusive photos from the shoot below.

Inner Circle bassist Ian Lewis and video model

Tony Matterhorn, Flo Rida and I-Octane

Tony Matterhorn and Inner Circle’s Roger Lewis