Shottas Nuh Miss: Cess Silvera’s Cult Film Becomes A Series

Words by Jesse Serwer

Back when Shottas, director Cess Silvera’s much-bootlegged Jamaican answer to Scarface, got picked up for theatrical release in 2006, a sequel was said to be following immediately on its heels. But when Shottas‘ status as a legendary black-market DVD didn’t translate to box-office success, talk of Shottas 2 seemed to dissipate. Turns out that when your entire audience has already copped your movie for $5 on Canal Street, even if it is a compromised version, they are not going to pay to see it again in a theater, even with all of the intended scenes restored.

Now, Silvera’s saga finally is re-emergingโ€”as a TV series. A trailer offering the first preview for the show recently turned up on Youtube, with Alozade’s “Bad Out Deh” as its soundtrack and a plastic bag from the Gap covering the head of Paul Campbell’s “Mad Max” as its star (talk about unflattering product placement). From what we gather, the show will only air over the web but judging by the number of followers ofthe ShottasSeries Twitter feed, there’s some healthy interest. One request, though: more Teddy Bruckshot.