Nov 27, 2014
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Posts tagged: What is reggae

Redemption Film: “Marley” Trailer + Poster Art

Words by Jesse Serwer—

Talk of Academy Award-winning director Kevin MacDonald’s Marley documentary has been building for while, and it even had its premiere earlier this month in Berlin. But with its North American premiere, at South by Southwest in Austin, just weeks away on March 11, only now has a trailer and poster art for the film emerged. The two-minute clip for Marley—which, while certainly not the first documentary on Bob Marley’s life, is the first to get the Marley family’s full support—promises that the movie will contain previously unheard tracks and never-before-seen footage, while teasing interviews with the usual suspects: Bunny Wailer, Chris Blackwell, Rita Marley, Ziggy. Pretty straightforward. Marley hits theaters on 4/20, ’cause what date would be more appropriate.

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Love Matters: Damian Marley’s “Affairs of the Heart” Video

Words by Nico Simino—

Damian Marley dropped a new single (on Valentine’s Day) and video (two days later), and never one to be put into a well-defined musical box, this new song has elements of some of his old songs, but with a new “electro lovers rock” sound added to the mix. Throughout the video he seems be rocking crowds and clubs all the while pining for one girl in particular. While he is traveling the world as a famous superstar, she seems to be traveling a fair bit her self. Plus, check out Jr. Gong in a tux.

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Toppa Top 10: Ten Reggae Make-Up Songs

Words by Jesse Serwer and Sherman Escoffery

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East of the River Hudson: Tiombe Lockhart x Augustus Pablo

Words by Jesse Serwer—

Tiombe Lockhart is smitten. With some lucky fellow, and the music of Augustus Pablo. Or maybe that dude is the departed Augustus himself. Alls we know is that Lockhart, of Brooklyn art-funk trio Cubic Zirconia, must be in love, because we’re not used to such direct emotional outpouring from the vocalist behind  “Fuck Work” and “Hoes Come Out At Night.”

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Mixtape Mondays: DJ Arems, Green Lion, Paul Michael

Words by DJ Theory—

It’s Monday again, and unless you’re prepping to head down to Trinidad for carnival next week, you probably have another long week of work or school in front of you. Fortunately, we’ve got a dancehall-packed edition of Mixtape Mondays to keep your trigger fingers and spirits up all week wherever you may be. And look out for a big soca post next Monday, too.

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Mixtape Mondays: Tons Of Nada, Safari Sound, DJ Robbie x Bob Marley

Words by DJ Theory—

I’m gonna leave the Super Bowl business alone today (not just because I’m from New England…) because we have much more relevant matters at hand over here—mainly Mixtape Mondays and a birthday celebration for someone you and I both know and love. So let’s forget about LMFAO’s guest appearance at halftime last night and move right into some quality mixes from Brazil, Sweden and even Oklahoma. See, I’m starting to forget about the game already…

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