Nov 25, 2014
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Pop Style: Natalie Barnes

Interview by Tami Tsansai, Photos by Martei Korley—

Natalie Barnes - pop style

Welcome to LargeUp’s new street style feature, Pop Style. Every other Friday, we’ll be talking sartorial shop with the most impeccably dressed men and women of the Caribbean and the diaspora, from familiar faces to everyday people pon di corner. Along the way we intend to show the world what we’ve long held true—no one’s got style and swagger quite like the islands.

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Best of Both Worlds: Trinidad’s Tea-Infused Chai Rum

Words by Tishanna Williams—


It’s National Rum Day here in the U.S., so we thought we’d scour the Caribbean for something new to drink. Trini correspondent Tishanna Williams has the scoop on a chai rum launching from her island.

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Calypso Comeback: Watch Kobo Town’s “Mr. Monday” Video

Words by Tasha Brown—


Few people are fans of Monday. For many, it’s full of weariness and dread. But Kobo Town’s “Mr. Monday” video will have you grooving to the tropical sound any day of the week.

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Viking Quest: Bunji Garlin’s Smartphone App

Words by Jesse Serwer—


Bunji Garlin is definitely having a big year. Not only was his “Differentology” the biggest soca tune to come out of this year’s Carnival season, but it’s looking like it might have the legs to become a true international summer hit, both inside and out of the Caribbean. The tune—one of the most seamless blends of soca and EDM to date—was recently remixed by Major Lazer on their Lazer Strikes Back, Vol. 4 EP; Diplo and crew also dropped the track during a climactic moment of their set at the Coachella Festival in California last month.

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Japanese Soca? Carnival Flavor “Jump Up” For Trinidad

Words by Jesse Serwer—

Japanese soca video Carnival Flavor

If you’re reading this site right now, we trust you’re well aware of Japanese folks’ unique enthusiasm for—and uncanny ability to emulate aspects of—dancehall culture. Well, a Japanese crew called Carnival Flavor have just opened a whole ‘nother can of rum-soaked, flag-waving worms with their “Jump Up” video.

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LargeUp Premiere: Jus Now’s “One Time” Video

Words by Jesse Serwer—


Occupying a space between power soca, steelpan and the freakiest outer limits of U.K. dance music, “One Time” is the debut single from Jus Now, the Anglo-Trinidadian duo of Interface (of Bristol, England) and LAZAbeam (of T&T). As jarring as the song’s unique sound is the accompanying video, a manic trip through Port of Spain’s streets, roti shops, parrot’s nests and a dojo full of karate kids. We’ve seen some ambitious soca videos this Carnival season, but this is some really next-level business.

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