Apr 25, 2014
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Posts tagged: Trinidad

Toppa Top 10: Bad Gyal Manicures

Words by Emily Shapiro—


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Caribbean Cookbook: Divali in Trinidad

Words by Tishanna Williams—

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Trini Dip: Watch Q-Major + Freetown Collective’s “Good Swimma” Video


Director Damian Marcano captures a slice of life on the shores of Trinidad in his new video for Q-Major and the Freetown Collective’s “Good Swimma.” The uplifting message of the song—a fresh hybrid of reggae and trap with a bassline pulled from dancehall’s Answer riddim— is conveyed by two local boys named Cleveland and Kervin, who spend the video playing soccer, doing pushups, and (of course) swimming, in the north coast fishing village of Maracas.

“Good Swimma” is the first track to be released off of the soundtrack for Marcano’s upcoming feature God Loves The Fighter, to be released in 2014. The film will be among the first international releases by any Trinidadian director, and if the music videos and trailer Marcano has released to promote it are any indication, it will be a fascinating look at a country that hasn’t yet been depicted much on film. It’s already been a huge hit in Trinidad, where it debuted to rare reviews and massive crowds at last month’s Trinidad Film Festival. The ten-song soundtrack, entitled Laventille, will be released November 27.

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Film Fete: The Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival 2013

Words by Tishanna Williams—

film fest audience

Today marks the official start of the 8th annual Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival, or ttff/13. A venture of the Trinidad and Tobago Film Company, the event, known for offering the best films within the Caribbean Diaspora and contemporary world cinema, is the largest of its kind in the English-speaking Caribbean. This year’s edition, which kicked off yesterday with TKTK, runs through Oct. 1 and includes over 120 films, with screenings held at locations ranging from large cinemas to amphitheatres and parks.

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BOIS!: Reviving Trinidad’s Stickfighting Traditions

Words by Tishanna Williams—


Kalinda is a dance-like marital art brought to Caribbean slave plantations from the Congo and Angola, fought with a specially-crafted and spiritually-prepared stick or ‘bois’ (bwah) of about 4 feet in length.

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Celebrating Caribbean Culture: 50 Years of Trinidad & Tobago’s Best Village Competition

Words by Tishanna Williams—


One year after celebrating 50 years of Independence, Trinidad and Tobago is in the midst of commemorating another half century with the 50th Anniversary of the Prime Minister’s Best Village Trophy Competition.

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