Nov 26, 2014
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Toppa Top 10: Dancehall Dances of the Decade

Words by Jesse Serwer, as determined by Kendell “H1st0ry” Hinds

The 2000s was the decade when the dancers took over dancehall, and dance steps became, arguably, just as important as the music. Hit after hit capitalized on their popularity. Artists like Elephant Man and Voicemail involved choreographers in their creative process, working side by side to develop songs and dances that fed off of one another symbiotically. The icon who loomed largest over the era was not a singer or a deejay but the late Gerald “Bogle” Levy, aka Mr. Wacky, sidekick to Beenie Man and inventor of the Bogle, World Dance and Wacky Dip. Dancers even became artists themselves. And in the most visible global display of Jamaican culture in years, Usain Bolt brought Nuh Linga and Gully Creepa to the Olympics. In an effort to do this phenomenon justice, we consulted with H1st0ry of NYC’s BlackGold dancers for a list of the decade’s top steps.*

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Toppa Top 10: Pan-Caribbean Anthems of 2010

Words by Eddie STATS Houghton, photos via FADER


This started out as a list of the biggest Caribbean jams of the year–like the top dancehall, soca, merengue, et cetera songs all thrown in a bag together. But as we winnowed out the bullshit it quickly became clear that it had to be a list of Pan-Caribbean anthems, not just the biggest crossover or the champion tune in a given sector but the rhythms and melodies that resonated most within the Caribbean and its diaspora, whether through collaboration innovation or sheer popularity.

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Toppa Top 10: Year of the Kartel

Words by Rishi Bonneville, photos via Kingston Style


Over the last few years, Adidja Palmer aka Vybz Kartel emerged as the unexpected yet undisputed king of dancehall reggae, surviving 1) a vicious battle with ally-turned-rival Mavado, 2) the denial of his US visa and 3) a swirl of rumors to produce an enviable string of hits and—perhaps more importantly–a persona that had fans and media watching his every move.


Toppa Top 10: Top Reggae Singles of 2010

Words by Jonathan Cunningham


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Toppa Top 10: Jillionaire’s Top Trinitech of 2010

Words by Jillionaire


Our boy Jillionaire aka Trini Chris has been jetting around the globe in 2010 putting his distinctive stamp on nowadays Caribbean music so we asked him to bless us with his Top 10 Trinitech playlist–the refixes and road mixes that translate Carnival vibes into year-round ravers. Some of these were released in 2009 but fuck it. By the time these play you’ll be too blasted on rum & Red Bull to care.

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Toppa Top 10: Soca Jams of 2010

Compiled by Rishi Bonneville, DJ Gravy, Jillionaire and Eddie STATS Houghton


It is the end of year that ends in ’10, so you can forgive us if we go Toppa Top 10 mad and just post Top 10s from now til 2011. In that spirit, we have wukked up a list of the biggest, baddest, maddest, massest, muddiest soca jams of 2010…and in the Carnival spirit of too much is better, we let it run to 11!

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