Nov 22, 2014
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Toppa Top 10: Top 10 Caribbean Beaches!

Words by Eddie STATS Houghton, DJ Gravy, Anicee Gaddis, Nicolette Gibson and Martei Korley.


Yes, Spring Break is almost here, when a young man’s fancy turns to thoughts of fruity drinks with umbrellas in them and girls gone wild. But even if you are not a raging fratbull on a lose-your-virginity quest from a bad ’80s movie, it is time to think about the beach. If you’re anything like us, you are kicking yourself for not make a carnival mission about now and making resolutions that next year you are going to blame it on Rio. Or Port of Spain. Or someplace. And in the same breath you are probably thinking you can’t wait a whole year and it is time to get the fuck outta Dodge. We are here to help. We’ve put in a lot of time on beaches over the years and have developed the picky taste of true connoisseurs (ok, addicts). Our favorite sandtraps may be a little further off the beaten path than Frommer’s or the NY Times. But they’re worth the hike. Here are our picks, with no particular regard to order:

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Toppa Top 10: Soca Monarch Contenders for Carnival 2011!

Words by Rishi Bonneville and Eddie STATS Houghton

Carnival time again! As multitudes of ex-pat Trinis and foreign calypso, pan and soca lovers board flights for Port of Spain, the fetes and song competitions are in full swing. The famed parades of masqueraders will be held this year on March 7-8, when the Road March champion will be crowned. However, since 1993, on the Friday before the full costumed bacchanalia, soca fans gather at the Queen’s Oval Park cricket stadium to watch an onstage competition in which the singers of a faster soca tune and a slower soca are selected as the Power and Groovy soca winners respectively. (Note: The Chutney Soca Monarch competition, which occurred on Saturday, March 19th was won by Rikki Jai for “White Oak & Water.” A disgruntled Ravi B, who came second, urged fans to “pelt something” and hundreds of bottles fell upon the stage.) As the excitement builds, LargeUp reached to top soca selectors and soundsystems from Trinidad, NY, Miami, Montreal, Germany and Japan to take the international temperature and get their favorites for road march, power and groovy soca monarch. This is actually a Top 10 (roughly) but since many of our soca pundits had comments and overlapping picks we have dispensed with the usual countdown format and broken it down by selector. To the road!

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Toppa Top 10: Walla-be’s, Clark-offs and Other Clarks-inspired Footwear

Words by Jason “J-Rockaz” Orford and Eddie STATS Houghton

Red King Tubbys aka Wally Dons from Mr Hare

Red King Tubbys aka Wally Dons from Mr Hare

You may have noticed that we can’t seem to stop talking about Clarks–real badman shoes reserved for those who know how fi really rock! Addicted? OK, that’s fair. We admit we have a Clarks-infused jones in our bones-es. But it is fashion week, so we decided to keep the fire burning. This time out we gathered a list of some admirable Clarks-inspired footwear fit for the streets and elsewhere. Some even outshine the original creators–if such a thing is possible!

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Toppa Top 10: Clarks Classics and Collabos

Words by Jason “J-Rockaz” Orford


Trendwatchers know that Clarks have stood the test of time while effortlessly (it seems) crossing into the streetwear fashion culture that was vibrant prior to the recession. This is partly due to brand loyalty that just won’t quit, and partly due to the fact that Clarks Originals has been steadily engaging in strategic collaborations with all the right people, satisfying the collector’s urge by multiplying styles and color-ways. In the process they seem to have carved out a niche in the post-recession economy as the shoe for sneakerheads who have outgrown sneakers–with a little help from a certain dancehall deejay, of course. If you’ve been tuning in for a while now, you already know how much we here at LargeUp have always appreciated a fine pair of Clarks–like, since way before the Vybz Kartel hit made waves. That goes double for yours truly and Fashion Week seemed like the perfect opportunity to talk about where I see this shoemaker headed and render a list of some the coolest Clarks mine eyes have seen. Can I get an “Amen?” Chu’ch.

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Toppa Top 10: Top 10 Caribbean Anthems of the 2000s

Words by Eddie STATS Houghton, as determined by the LARGE UP crew


Our reg’lar Friday Toppa Top 10 this week also happens to be our tenth and final Top 10 looking back over 2010 and the whole 2000s decade. After this 2011 can officially begin with our blessing…but we don’t recommend you jump the gun because we sounded the biggest thing last; the Top 10 Caribbean anthems of the entire decade. We consulted Billboard charts and soundscans, analyzed trends and recounted the essential, groundbreaking moments of island culture. We looked at every scene, taking into account reggae and reggaeton, merengue and merengue de calle, ragga soca and actual soca. And then in time-honored editorial fashion we had a heated argument which quickly devolved into a flame war/soundclash, fought by hurling youTube clips of kung fu flicks, classic picong face-offs and drunken foul-mouthed puppets back and forth over such essential questions as: “Iwer George vs. Bunji Garlin: go!” and “Lumidee is only #7…?!?” and the age-old puzzler “Scunt! Whate the hell this?!” In the end, that’s why we can be sure that the jams that withstood this trial by virtual fire are officially official. This is not no opinion thing. These 10 tunes are actually, factually the best of the best.

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Toppa Top 10: Poirier’s Francophone Top 10 of 2010

Words by Erin MacLeod, as determined by Erin MacLeod and Ghislain Poirier.

Mr. OK in Montreal

Mr. OK in Montreal

The Toppa Top 10s on LARGE UP thus far have been wide ranging—pan-Caribbean, even—but there’s been one thing missing: songs en français. While it’s not often that countries are grouped as “anglophone,” there’s a definite “francophone” connection, from Montreal to Port au Prince to Dakar, Paris, Abidjan and beyond (and then back again).

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