Nov 27, 2014
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Posts tagged: Top Cat

LargeUp Premiere: Prince Fatty feat. Hollie Cook, “For Me You Are” (Mungo’s Hi-Fi Mix)

Words by Jesse Serwer—


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LargeUp Premiere: Download Mr. Benn featuring Blackout JA’s “Run Come”

Words by Jesse Serwer—


Bristol, England-based Mr. Benn’s upcoming album Shake a Leg (out July 15 via London’s Nice Up Records) features staples of U.K. bashment culture like Tenor Fly, Top Cat, Serocee and the Ragga Twins, ‘longside various folks Chicago’s MC Zulu and singer Eva Lazarus. Sonically, the album pulls from reggae, dancehall, UK dance sounds and hip-hop.

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Welcome Back to the Jungle: Download Congo Natty’s “UK Allstars”

Words by Jesse Serwer—

Congo Natty Jungle

Our own DJ Gravy is among those predicting a big comeback for jungle and drum and bass, and hopefully leading the way will be Congo Natty (aka Rebel MC of Double Trouble fame), one of the main guys who helped lead the way in the first place. The jungle pioneer has just signed with influential UK label Big Dada, which will release his Jungle Revolution LP (mixed by Adrian Sherwood) on June 17.

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LargeUp TV: Limb by Limb with Toppa Top Cat

Toppa Top Cat

Though harmless, the croaking lizard is one of the most despised and feared creatures in all of Jamaica.  It’s ability to sneak into houses and elude capture is the source of endless consternation for Jamaican homeowners, even though the insectivore’s dietary preferences help cut down on household bugs. More than the droppings it leaves, or it’s uncanny ability to stick to walls, it’s the croaking sound that the lizard makes at night—the source of endless bouts of insomnia—that really gets yardies riled up.

One Jamaican with no fear of the croaking lizard is our friend Stew Cat, a/k/a Toppa Top Cat (seen above with his friend, Eek A. Mouse). Watch what happens when one unlucky gecko wanders into Stew’s personal space while he is listening to “Limb by Limb” by Cutty Ranks. Instinct kicks in and Stew has no choice but to cut the lizard down—you guessed it—limb by limb.

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