Apr 17, 2014
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Posts tagged: Tobago

Toppa Top 10: The Ten Best Caribbean Beaches

Words by LargeUp Crew—


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Modern Dance…Hall Queen: Tobago’s Lindsay Hall Wines Di Best

Words by Emily Shapiro, Photos and Video by Terence Thomas—

While we’ve found lots of reasons to explore Trinidad, we haven’t had as many opportunities to spotlight it’s smaller sister island, Tobago. So when we met our super talented Tobagonian friend and Large Up supporter, dancer Lindsay Hall, we jumped at the chance to learn more about her and the culture on the island in which she was raised.

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Toppa Top 10: Top 10 Caribbean Beaches!

Words by Eddie STATS Houghton, DJ Gravy, Anicee Gaddis, Nicolette Gibson and Martei Korley.


Yes, Spring Break is almost here, when a young man’s fancy turns to thoughts of fruity drinks with umbrellas in them and girls gone wild. But even if you are not a raging fratbull on a lose-your-virginity quest from a bad ’80s movie, it is time to think about the beach. If you’re anything like us, you are kicking yourself for not make a carnival mission about now and making resolutions that next year you are going to blame it on Rio. Or Port of Spain. Or someplace. And in the same breath you are probably thinking you can’t wait a whole year and it is time to get the fuck outta Dodge. We are here to help. We’ve put in a lot of time on beaches over the years and have developed the picky taste of true connoisseurs (ok, addicts). Our favorite sandtraps may be a little further off the beaten path than Frommer’s or the NY Times. But they’re worth the hike. Here are our picks, with no particular regard to order:

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She’s the One: Rawlston and Tina Charles

Words by Jesse Serwer

Father and daughter share a hug at last Thursday’s draft

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Kings of the Road: JW and Blaze

Words by Eddie STATS Houghton

Jillionaire Juice, our Trinidad correspondent and resident carnival-stalker  (does that make him a Carny?) just put us on to this song, which dominated the festivities in T&T this year, knocking out returning champs like Machel Montano and Fay-Ann Lyons to win the Road March title for 2010. For all you non-trinis out there, that basically means “Palance” was the song heard most at certain designated “judging posts” along the parade route for carnival, and it’s easy to see why. Although they tarted up the video with a bit of comedy–breaking out into a Bollywood-style dance number in the middle of an office setting–the song itself is pure street dance. This is soca stripped down to it’s bare essence: triple-time drums, frentic horns, upful chords and a lot of jumping going on, lyrically speaking.

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