Nov 23, 2014
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Posts tagged: TNT

Badda Don Dada: Ward 21 Channel Super Cat on “Mic Magician”

Words by DJ Autograph

I might be a Jamaican but my introduction to Ward 21’s “Mic Magician” is a fortunate and direct result of my current effort to learn Swedish. I was listening to Safari Sound’s show on Swedish National Radio Friday, when I was blown away by the Super Cat sample-driven “Mic Magician,” featuring Marcy Chin and Deewunn, the newest members of Ward 21’s extended Badda Badda Gang family. The song’s use of “Under Pressure” is easily the best use of a Super Cat sample this side of Nas’ Salaam Remi-produced “The Don.”

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Bob and Wine: Tifa Gets Punchy in “Champion Bubbler” Video

Words by Jesse Serwer—

Major Lazer in Kingston, Jamaica

It’s been a few years since Tifa first grabbed our attention as part of TNT, or the Badda Badda Gals, with Natalie Storm and Timberlee. While her former crewmates have gone quiet recently, Tifa has stepped up her presence, emerging as dancehall’s most popular young female artist—and a potential heir apparent to the genre’s perpetually retirement-threatening queen, Lady Saw.

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LargeUp Investigates: Trinidad James

Words by Jesse Serwer—

If you follow rap music closely, you’ve probably heard the name Trinidad James come up recently. Essentially unknown a few months ago, the Atlanta rapper has a sudden swell of hype around him, thanks to his mixtape Don’t Be S.A.F.E., and his flamboyant fashion sense.

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Gold Punany: A-Trak + Natalie Storm Connect on “Like the Dancefloor”

Words by Jesse Serwer—

Natalie Storm/Punany Monologues. Photo: Martei Korley/LargeUp

It seems that A-Trak, Fool’s Gold Records and Pitchfork Media have caught on to what we’ve known for oh, about five years now… that Natalie Storm is the shit. The indie rock website today premiered the video for “Like the Dancefloor,” a reworking of A-Trak and DJ Zinc’s “Stingray” featuring vocals from the author of our very own sex column, Punany Monologues. We’ve long wondered why the electrofied garrison dancehall innovator doesn’t get more love from the wider music world, so this development is definitely a good look.

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Tun Up, Louder! Mr. Vegas, Kes the Band + Bunji Garlin Remix “Party Tun Up”

Words by Emily Shapiro—

The chill of fall is creeping into the air in New York and elsewhere but a sizzling remix of Mr. Vegas’ hit “Party Tun Up” can help keep you warm. The song features Trini soca masters Kes the Band and Bunji Garlin, and definitely reflects the sizzling vibe of the islands. The hype beat—the new Belize Rum riddim, from Vegas’ MV Music—makes it nearly impossible to stand still, and will surely have di gyal dem moving at next week’s Miami Carnival, and at parties around the globe. Check out the song below and cross your fingers for some more dancehall/soca collabs from these major artists.

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Gal Yuh a Lead: Watch Tifa’s “Hold On” Video

Words by Jesse Serwer, Photo by Martei Korley—


We first got put on to Tifa as one third of TNT (aka the “Badda Badda Gals”) with Natalie Storm and Timberlee a few years back but she’s really come in to her own as a solo artist in the last year or two. After catching her show twice last week in Kingston, we’re feeling like she’s pretty much the new queen of dancehall, or at least the people’s champion—she’s got that real, loyal grassroots following that few female deejays short of Lady Saw have ever built up in JA.

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