Nov 25, 2014
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Posts tagged: t-shirts

In The LargeUp Store: The Alpha Boys School Tee

Words by LargeUp Crew—


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Fashion Fridays: Grind London


Grind London has just unveiled its first drop for Autumn/Winter 2013 – Jah Bless – featuring tees, hats, button down shirts and jackets. The collection draws heavily from dub and reggae, in a London tradition. Grind will be hosting a pop-up shop this weekend in London, or check out the whole collection online.


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Fashion Fridays: RepJA Summer Tees and Ting

Words by Jesse Serwer—

Ah Yah So Nice! That’s definitely the theme of the season in dancehall- and yard-inspired streetwear. Our doopses at RepJA have put their spin on Potential Kidd‘s spring-and summer-defining hit, with a Miami Vice-inspired design, while that TV show’s classic pastels also make their way into their just released summer line in a “Jamaica Nice” tee. Shabba Ranks’ classic “Love Punanny Bad”—or perhaps just loving punanny bad—is the inspiration for another. And for di stush gals dem, there’s the croptop you see above. Although the loose casualness of a croptop is kind of inherently not stush, no? Hmmm. Check the looks below, then head over to RepJA’s store.

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Clean Seen: Ladies Summer Tees

Words by Eddie STATS Houghton


Seen has just unveiled a new lookbook featuring ladies-first versions of their world-renowned tees for the summer, available exclusively on their online shop until next week when they hit ramping shops and other regular-ass shops. Ladies, you should cop these because if anything is sexier than an uplifting message combined with bold eye-catching graphics, it is an uplifting message combined with bold eye-catching graphics right above a nice innie bellybutton or hanging off a bared shoulder. You may also want to look into the pre-order thing considering that Nas probably just tripled the demand for the “Word Sound Power” model by rocking the OG men’s version on his “Distant Relatives” stageshows with Damian Marley. Which is appropriate, because–let’s be real–his word-sounds have more power than most.

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Visual Culture: Stussy x Jamaica

Words by Eddie STATS Houghton


If you hang out with the cool kids you may have already heard about the new Greensleeves First 100 Covers book from Stussy and the T-Shirt line it inspired, both featuring classic images of Yellowman, Scientist, Eek-A-Mouse and other Jamaican giants. But you may or not know that Stussy was the original, original brand to merge streetwear fashion tropes with reggaematical inspiration going all the way back to their Jah Lion tee in 1980. That being the case, it seemed only appropriate that in addition to supporting the current project we go a mile or two deeper and talk to the bosses at Stussy about the history of the brand and it’s long-distance Jamaican love affair. Check the book and accompanying mixtape, enjoy these visual gems–but more importantly, look for the exclusive interview in the next week or two!

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Visual Culture: Base Kingston

words by Eddie STATS Houghton


To our knowledge, the new-brand Base Kingston–located at #11 Upper Park Manor Plaza, Kingston 8–is the only premium street-style menswear boutique in Kingston (possibly in Jamaica?) and certainly the only one of it’s kind. To get the inside straight we hit up co-owner Jason Panton–who is also the backbone of reggaefied hipster clothing label I&I–about his vision for the shop:

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