Nov 27, 2014
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Posts tagged: Style & Vibes

Style & Vibes: Kicks for Chicks

Words by Mikelah Rose

Rachel Roy

Summer is quickly approaching and although we ladies love our heels we occasionally need to trade them in for a cute pair of kicks. We’re way beyond the sterotypical pair of white tennis sneakers to go with everything. High top, low tops, slips and of course a variety of colorways to accessorize any outfit. Sneaker fetishing ain’t just for the gents anymore, we can get fly with the best of them. Check out a few fashionable styles with a little flavor.


Style & Vibes: Caribbean Fashion Ruling the Runway from Yard to NY

Words by Mikelah Rose


Summer wardrobe is nothing without a little Caribbean inspiration! As the season is starting, Caribbean designers will be flocking to the runway in the Caribbean and its diaspora next week. Caribbean Fashion Week begins June 8 (and runs through the 13th) at the National Indoor Sports Centre in Kingston, Jamaica. Meanwhile, Caribbean International Fashion Week, a one-day showcase in New York City, will also be held June 8, at Manhattan’s Arena Gallery. With a growing number of Caribbean designers and more on the rise, these shows will tell the world that the region’s fashion is not just about straw hats, Rasta colors and Bob Marley T-shirts.

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Style & Vibes: Five Caribbean Designers You Should Know

Words by Mikelah Rose


Welcome to the first edition of our new fashion column, Style & Vibes. Every Friday, style blogger Mikelah Rose will bring you up to date on the world of Caribbean fashion, from the dancehall to the runway. Be sure to check out her website Style & Vibes, where she covers clothes, music and more daily.

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