Aug 27, 2014
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Posts tagged: streetwear

Dance Hall Style: Supreme’s Wackies Collection

Words by Jesse Serwer—


Normally, we wait until the end of the week to catch you up on fashion runnings. But when a clothing label like Supreme teams with a record label like Wackie’s, we have to interrupt your regularly scheduled programming.

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Fashion Fridays: Q+A with Marcus Burrowes of RockersNYC

Words by Jesse Serwer, Portraits by Martei Korley —

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Fashion Fridays: RepJA Summer Tees and Ting

Words by Jesse Serwer—

Ah Yah So Nice! That’s definitely the theme of the season in dancehall- and yard-inspired streetwear. Our doopses at RepJA have put their spin on Potential Kidd‘s spring-and summer-defining hit, with a Miami Vice-inspired design, while that TV show’s classic pastels also make their way into their just released summer line in a “Jamaica Nice” tee. Shabba Ranks’ classic “Love Punanny Bad”—or perhaps just loving punanny bad—is the inspiration for another. And for di stush gals dem, there’s the croptop you see above. Although the loose casualness of a croptop is kind of inherently not stush, no? Hmmm. Check the looks below, then head over to RepJA’s store.

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Fashion Fridays: David Rodigan, Streetwear Brand?

Words by Jesse Serwer—

Britain’s king of sound, David Rodigan, has had one awesome year. The selector known to many as “Ram Jam” celebrated his 60th birthday, was honored by the queen as a Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, won World Clash in Brooklyn, and launched a new radio series on prestigious BBC Radio 2, for which he was just honored with a prestigious Sony Gold Award.

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Fashion Fridays: Usain Bolt x Puma x Shinzo Limited Edition Kicks

Words by Eddie STATS Houghton, via Cutlass & Cane

Speaking of Kingston in Paris, Parisian kicks-retailer Shinzo added some Euro-value to the already-powerhouse combination of Usain Bolt x Puma recently, producing a limited edition shoe called the Bolt New Future. Despite the name, the New Future looks a lot like classic suede Pumas from the Beastie Boys era (not a bad thing) but with a sleeker look due to the intense saturated mono-color. The suede, it turns out, is actually “eco-friendly leather” and the other materials are described as: “cork sockliner, recycled foam last, reground rubber outsole, water-based ink and organic cotton bag” so the Future may refer to the green economy more than spaceships. Comes in both low and high-top in three color-ways: black on black, green on green and a very Kill Bill yellow on yellow. Since together those comprise the tri-color of the Jamaican flag, who you think will be the first dancehall star (or dance crew?) to mix and match them for patriotic effect? One black and one green high-top, for instance, tied off with a yellow bandana…or maybe black and yellow (no Wiz-o) for BlackGold. Check out more views below and try out your own combinations at Por Vocaçao.

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Style & Vibes: Shady Business

Words by Mikelah Rose

Pass, we a pass / inna wi dark glass! You can’t run around the whole summer without a great pair of shades; a favorite accessory that is not just a fashion statement but protection for your eyes from harmful UV rays. Even if you hate to wear sunglasses you’ll need them for the occasional all-day excursion, especially when driving or attending an outdoor event. In short, everyone need a pair of shades to hold down the summer sun (or tropical sun, for those of us who are yard-based). You can go for a classic investment pair of sunglasses, which to wear all the time or a more trendy pair just to take you through the summer. Here are a few designer selections for both men and women:

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