Sep 21, 2014
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Posts tagged: St. Croix

Two Ships at Sea: Watch Midnite’s “Same Boat We” Video

Words by Kaya.Lah—


The reggae monolith Midnite don’t often make music videos, but when they do, they have been memorable. (In fact, it was right here in 2011 that Midnite pemiered their very first video, for “Mongst I & I”).  Such is the case with the group’s first visuals from their recent Zion I Kings produced album Beauty for Ashes, for the single “Same Boat We,” with the Ancient Child seen on Midnite’s album covers brought to life by Midnite frontman Vaughn Benjamin’s eldest son, Senuah Benjamin.

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Mixtape Tuesdays?!?: Walshy Fire x Midnite x I-Grade

Words by Kaya.lah—


The incomparable Walshy Fire of Major Lazer and Black Chiney fame (and an esteemed LargeUp contributor) teams up with roots powerhouse I-Grade Records to give the massive a great sampler journey through Midnite’s new release, Beauty for Ashes, out today. Walshy takes us on a trip through the 13 album tracks produced by the Zion-I Kings, plus two more exclusive tracks from the Crucian roots stalwart, with production by the immortal Augustus Pablo and Zion-I Kings, respectively. In a nice touch, the mix ends on a tribute to the late Bunny Rugs, heard via a drop and a sample of Third World’s “96 Degrees.”

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Virgin Islands Nice: Pressure Buss Pipe’s New USVI Anthem + Video

Words by Kaya.lah—


“All hail, our Virgin Islands, Em’ralds of the sea,” go the lyrics to the Virgin Islands March, a solemn dedication to these little but impactful Caribbean rocks that’s been the US Virgin Islands national anthem for over 50 years. Now, the USVI has a new, unofficial anthem to go along with it, courtesy of international reggae artist Pressure Buss Pipe.

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NEW MUSIC: Stream Midnite-I Grade + Lutan Fyah’s “When JAH Arise”

Words by Kieran K. Meadows—


Last week we told you the long-awaited new Midnite album with St. Croix-based roots reggae label I Grade Records, Beauty For Ashes, was due for release in January, and featured the lead single, “Same I Ah One.”

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NEW MUSIC: Download Midnite-I Grade + Pressure’s “Same I Ah One”

Words by Kieran K. Meadows—


Thanksgiving might be over but one of the Caribbean’s most consistent reggae labels, St. Croix-based I Grade Records, has given its fans another reason to give thanks. “Same I Ah One,” the first single from its forthcoming album Beauty For Ashes with Midnite, is available as a free download for this week only.

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Taste Test: Cruzan’s New Rum Cream, Velvet Cinn

Words by Jesse Serwer—


We were super bummed to learn last year that Cruzan would be discontinuing its rum cream. Not only did the St. Croix distillery’s original variation on the Caribbean after-dinner favorite top our Toppa Top 10 rum cream countdown, but it was the one we could reliably count on finding at our local liquor store. While we’re still miffed it’s no longer around, we now see the silver lining.

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