Nov 28, 2014
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Free Reggae: Marley’s Mellow Mood “Tune in Tuesdays” Presents Kelissa

Words by LargeUp Crew—

Kelissa Sing

Marley’s Mellow Mood has come up with a new way to “free the people with music,” launching a weekly free music download series, co-curated by LargeUp, and dubbed Tune in Tuesdays. Each Tuesday, this link features a download of a new single from a different artist.

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Nightfall in The Blue Mountains

Words and Images: Martei Korley Jamaica is an Island of contrasts. From shanties to opulence, crowded inner cities to “country”. Country is the term Jamaicans use for most locations outside of Kingston. One goes “Down country” on the weekend to visit family and friends. When a Jamaican ask a fellow countryman: “Which country you hail from?”, he is actually asking which one of the 14 parishes is his home. Some parishes, however, like St. Catherine are more sprawling developments of all types, planned and unplanned, than actual bush. Spanish Town and Portmore, the fastest growing urban center in the Caribbean, are both part of the equation in St. Catherine. Being Jamaica’s first capitol, Spanish Town definitely holds some claim to fame in the urbanization of Jamaica. But you really don’t have to drive too far from these bustling urban centers before the landscape changes into broad plains w cattle and goats, gorges and rolling hills with Citrus groves all around. If you begin your journey in Kingston and drive West, that is. If however, you decide to look to the east to escape the dust and heat of Kingston, the Blue Mountains loom majestically over the horizon. They extend into three parishes, St. Andrew, St. Thomas and Portland, bisecting the island like a giant spine. Coffee grows in the shade of pine trees near Section on the Portland/St. Andrew border There are various inns and guesthouses in the area catering to a host of needs but we couldn’t resist to bring you a photo of the Scorpio Inn in all it’s kitschy splendor Biodiversity is great at high altitudes above cultivated areas Bubbling brooks and small waterfalls are everywhere

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