Apr 17, 2014
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Posts tagged: Shabba Ranks

Toppa Top 10: The Year’s Best Dancehall Singles

Words by Jesse Serwer, DJ Theory and Emily Shapiro

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Thanksgiving Throwback: DJ Gravy on Shabba Ranks’ “Trailer Load A Girls”

Words by DJ Gravy

This tune—and trailer-filled video—put Shabba on a whole other level, it’s one of my favorite records to spin and it’s one of Shabba’s biggest hooks that’s easy to sing along to for yankees. I mean you can’t have a hard time with “Girls, girls, everyday, from London, Canada and USA!”

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Toppa Top 10: The Best Fake Reggae Songs

Words by Eddie STATS Houghton and Jesse Serwer

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Style & Vibes: A Look Back At Dancehall Fashion, Pt. 3: The 90s

Words by Mikelah Rose

If you ask most dancehall aficionados, the ’90s is usually their favorite era musically. It was also the most visually stimulating era, especially when it came to the women. The dances got sexier and the fashion became just as raunchy, with “bare as you dare” scantily clad style becoming more and more prevalent as the decade went on. For this new generation of dancehall queens, it was always about outdoing the next gal with your own signature style. Popular trends included jumpsuits, ankle-length shorts, knee-length vests and jackets and pants three times as big…and that’s just the men! Some of the ladies put a feminine twist on baggy fashion with a feminine twist, while others were ready to “skin out” with g-string body suits, cutout dresses and, of course, the ubiquitous pum pum shorts.

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Long Time Yuh Nuh Call: Exclusive Q+A with Patra (+ Web Exclusive Stream)

Words by Jesse Serwer, Photos by Kevin Ornelas

For years, “What ever happened to Patra?” has been one of the great mysteries of dancehall music. The “Queen of the Pack” had a run of crossover hits in the early and mid ’90s including “Romantic Call,” “Worker Man” and “Pull Up to the Bumper,” but after her sophomore album Scent of Attraction in 1995, she essentially disappeared from the scene. (Though she did release two, very below-the-radar albums in the 2000s— 2003′s The Great Escape and 2005′s Where I’ve Been) Recently, after turning up on the bill for a show at BB King’s Blues Club in New York City, we learned that Patra was back in the studio, working on a new album and plotting a comeback. Last month, Tiffany Rhodes of bad-gyal spandex label Butch Diva invited us to meet the elusive singer, whom she’d landed as a model for her fall line, as they prepped for a catalog shoot at Tiffany’s studio in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn. In one of her first interviews in years, Patra spoke with us (wearing the transparent lace shirt you see in these photos) about everything from her iconic braids and her fashion choices to her days as the “female Shabba Ranks,” her departure from the music business and what she’s been up to all these years. Patra isn’t one to give away secrets, though. She might be on Twitter now, but this is one lady who values having an air of mystery about her.

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Heds and Dreds: Annotated Tribe Called Quest for the Unseasoned Patois Interpeter

Words by Jesse Serwer

If you know your Jazz from your Rhime, you’re probably aware of Phife Dawg’s Caribbean roots. Sometimes thought to to be Jamaican due to his love for reggae and patois inflections, A Tribe Called Quest’s Five Foot Assassin is actually 100-percent Trinidadian. Lesser known is that Q-Tip, too, is of Caribbean heritage: his late father was from Montserrat. Catching the new Tribe documentary Beats, Rhymes & Life last week we were reminded of just how much patois, dancehall lyrics and general yard-isms the Quest MCs spiced their rhymes with. Michael Rapaport’s movie doesn’t delve into this aspect of Tribe’s background but it did have us pulling our Midnight Marauders, The Low End Theory and even The Love Movement LPs out of the crates, and even catching some references we’d never noticed before. Here’s a look at the 10 most yardwise (and Trini-wise) tunes in the Tribe catalog.

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