Apr 18, 2014
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Posts tagged: Sean Paul

Bashment 101: Heatwave Pen the Ultimate House Party How-To

Words by Jesse Serwer, via The Guardian

British newspaper The Guardian last Friday tapped our own esteemed Cockney & Yardie columnist and the five-star general of top-ranking London soundsystem The Heatwave, Gabriel Myddleton, along with Heatwave MC Benjamin D, for a highly engaging guide to the art of the house party. Among the “dos” and “don’ts” recommended by Gabe and Ben:

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Audio: Stream Sean Paul’s “She Doesn’t Mind”

Words By Nico Simino

Sean Paul recently released his first new single in almost two years, and now he’s following it up with “She Doesn’t Mind.” If you were hoping for a pop/dance club banger then you’re in luck, if not, you’re just gonna have to wait for the next tune. Embracing the dance/pop club sound of the last two years, “She Doesn’t Mind” is sure to get heavy rotation in the dance until the new album drops. For the song, Paul seems to be getting in touch with his inner falsetto, hitting more high notes than usual. This might broaden his appeal, keeping him current with the times, but then again he’s always been able to bring the heat.


Style and VIbes: A Look Back at Dancehall Fashion, Pt. 4: The 2000s

Words by Mikelah Rose

In the early to mid 2000’s, it seemed like everyone caught a little dancehall fever. Shaggy, Sean Paul and Beenie Man were at the forefront of the crossover movement, and their international success piqued fans’ interest in what was really going on in the dancehall. Fans around the world wanted to emulate styles straight from the source, and people who weren’t Caribbean wanted to rock Puma gear with Jamaican flag colors—well before Usain Bolt was breaking world records.

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Video: Sean Paul feat. Alexis Jordan, “Got 2 Luv U”

Words by Jesse Serwer

We’re always going to ride for Sean Paul, just on general principle. Not only was he the most important artist of dancehall’s last great era (we’re ready for the next one) in our opinion, but he’s also one of the nicest, most genuine artists you can meet—never any rock star airs about him. So even if “Got 2 Luv U,” his Stargate-produced single with singer Alexis Jordan, isn’t the comeback tune we wanted from SP (whose last single was the 2009 one drop “Hold My Hand”) we’re not mad at it, either. The Vegas-shot video takes the tune’s glitz pop feel up several notches with scenes of Sean, who’s ditched the cornrows in favor of a mohawk, observing a striptease with a regal scepter in his hand, performing at superclub Haze, and just generally doing decadent Vegas things. Hey, if it ain’t your style, can we suggest revisiting Sean’s first ever video appearance?

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Throwback Thursdays: DJ Autograph on Carrot Jarrett x Sean Paul’s “Nice Time” (+ Video Mix)

Words by DJ Autograph

After some stellar contributions recently, we now have DJ Autograph holding down a monthly slot here on Throwback Thursdays. To celebrate, we had him cook up a bonus dancehall video mix, which you can watch here after the jump. New Yorkers, make sure to check him tonight at Brand New Machine NYC at Happy Ending in Chinatown, where he’ll be holding down the decks alongside our own Eddie STATS.

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So, Canada Can Dance: SYTYCD x Dancehall

Words by Erin MacLeod

So You Think You Can Dance is not a TV show. It’s a global phenomenon. With twenty versions of the contest airing worldwide, the program has showcased a huge range of different styles–from capoiera to tango to the waltz. On more than a few occasions, dancehall has been tossed into the mix, but with varying results. Finland’s version of the show has tried to sprinkle in a touch of Jamaica but with limited success. See the valiant, yet perhaps not passable, exhibit A:

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