Nov 28, 2014
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Posts tagged: Reincarnated

Mixtape Mondays: DJ Rampage, Damon DeGraff/Klash City Sound, Max Glazer x Snoop Lion

Words by Deejay Theory —

Need some new music for the week ahead? We got you covered like cocoa butter here at Mixtape Mondays with another round of quality mixtapes from different cuts of the globe. Modern directions in one drop, dancehall and more meet foundation classics live and uncut from Brooklyn, Belize, Bermuda, Cali and beyond… Grab the nearest ashtray and hold a vibe below.

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ALBUM STREAM: Snoop Lion’s “Reincarnated”

Words by Jesse Serwer—

Snoop Lion Reincarnated

After nearly a year of hype, Snoop Lion’s reggae reinvention Reincarnated drops in a week. Love the Dogg, but still skeptical about the Lion? Noisey, the online video channel from Vice, is offering a stream of the album you want to love but love to hate on, in the form of a YouTube video intercut with commentary from Snoop.

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LargeUp TV: Snoop Lion Talks Reggae, Rastafari + Musical Youth

Words by Jesse Serwer, Video Shot by Ethan Sigman—

Snoop Lion

Like it or not, Snoop Lion’s Reincarnated is the most talked about reggae project since… yeah, even we are struggling to remember the last time a new reggae LP elicited this level of intrigue from the world at large. Other non-Jamaican acts with big names have made surprising left turns into reggae before but none has generated the interest and backlash as the former Snoop Dogg has with his new identity.

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Video: Watch Snoop Lion’s “La La La”

Words by DJ Gravy—

As you’ve probably heard, hip-hop icon Snoop Dogg recently took his career in a radical new direction, inspired by reggae, Bob Marley and the message of Rastafari. Snoop spent some time in Jamaica last winter to work on his debut reggae album, holding a press conference at Manhattan’s Miss Lily’s (where the pics in this post were shot) to announce his transformation from rapper to reggae artist and trading his canine status in for his new feline moniker,  Snoop Lion.

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Born Again Jamerican: Snoop Lion @ Miss Lily’s x “Reincarnated” Trailer

Words by Jesse Serwer, Photo by Taylor Viera—

Snoop Lion and Diplo

It seems Snoop Lion has the whole music world talking right now. Though we’ve been reporting on it for months and he’s even leaked the first track from the project, called “La La La,” Calvin Broadus made his transformation into from Snoop Dogg into Berhane official last night, in a press conference at Miss Lily’s in NYC, and Twitter has since gone nuts with predictably gamut-running reactions.

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