Nov 22, 2014
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Posts tagged: Rasta

Visual Vibration: Bob Marley x Shepard Fairey

Words by Natalie Weiner—bob-marley-shepard-fairey

Bob Marley’s image has become almost as important a part of his legacy as his music—both are ubiquitous worldwide, and accordingly represent many people’s first exposure to Jamaican music and culture. Now, Bob Marley: Giant, an exhibit currently at the Known Gallery in L.A., aims to shed new light on the face that’s inspired so much more than just countless red, yellow, and green t-shirts.

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Mixtape Mondays: Yaadcore, Federation Sound, Chi Ching Ching

Words by Deejay Theory —

MM 50

The new year brings new music, with the first Mixtape Monday of 2014 pulling up some carefully cooked roots music, uncut dancehall and a very rare throwback from the humble beginnings of one of our top-rated sounds. Enjoy the vibes below…

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Mixtape Mondays: Yaadcore, King Ivier x Dre Island, DJ Autograph

Words by Deejay Theory —

MM 35

Greetings all, welcome back to another week of vibes here at Mixtape Mondays. This week is all about the conscious selections provided by three seasoned deejay’s from Jamaica, NYC and The Bay. Bashment business will be back, but for now enjoy some carefully selected one drop and roots music.

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Dread Inna Babylon: Watty Burnett In Suburbia

Words by Jesse Serwer, Photo by Karsten Moran—

Watty Burnett Congos

Rastafarians as a rule take great effort to avoid Babylon. The Congos’ Watty Burnett, however, does most of his shopping in Babylon… Babylon, Long Island that is. This, we learn, in a surprising and entertaining profile on Burnett in Sunday’s New York Times, which, among other things, seizes on the incongruousness of a famed Rastafarian musician living in close proximity to a town whose name symbolizes all that is wicked in Rasta lore. Here’s one particularly amusing anecdote:

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The 82nd Anniversary of the Coronation of Emperor Haille Selassie I

Words by DJ Gravy

Ethiopia’s last emperor, descendant of King Solomon and defender of Africa’s sovereign nation who wouldn’t accept defeat or colonization, is far more than just another king or leader. His place of importance in history cannot be overlooked, as a universal symbol of independent strength, and as someone who represented the battle against colonial stronghold. His fight to keep Italy’s leader (and founder of the fascism) out of Ethiopia would prove successful and put Ethiopia in a position to lead the way as a model to many other African nations, who, with Ras Tafari’s help, guidance and support would eventually achieve independence from the European nations who’d conquered them and in most cases, destroyed most tribal traditions and practices.

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Fashion Fridays: G-Shock Goes Red, Gold and Green

Words by Jesse Serwer, via Soul Culture

Watchmaker G-Shock is the latest brand to unveil a Rastafarian-themed product in a red, gold (in this case it’s more on the yellow side) and green colorway. Such items tend to inspire conflicted reactions. On one hand, here you have another corporation exploiting something with deep cultural significance without forging any obvious connection with that community. On the other hand, no one owns a color combination and a clothing/accessories company’s job is to make and sell things that look good, which red, gold/yellow and green often does. We might have advised G-Shock to dub their new line something other than the “Rastafarian Series” but we can’t deny that, aesthetically, these look pretty good. Tell us your take on the watches in the comments.

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