Apr 18, 2014
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Posts tagged: Puerto Rico

Spring Break: The Kid Daytona Visits Puerto Rico

Words by Jesse Serwer


Our favorite Antiguan-born rapper and clotheshorse The Kid Daytona took a trip to Puerto Rico recently to film the video for “Padma (So Buttery),” from his latest mixtape, The Interlude. ‘Tona seems to be trying to break the world’s record for shooting the most legit videos for songs off of a free online mixtape, but this one might be the project’s best yet. Director Derek Pike’s camera follows the Kid around the picturesque streets of Old San Juan and the nearby Fort San Felipe del Morro and, in keeping with the Top Chef-referencing tune’s culinary theme, the kitchen, to cook up some plantains and rice. We’re not sure which destination this video makes us want to hit first: the local cuchifritos shop or the website for Jetblue. For more behind-the-scenes footage from the excursion, head over to LRG’s website.

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Babel On: Calle 13 To Record Album En Ingles

Words by Jesse Serwer via Washington Post


Tough to figure why Puerto Rico’s Calle 13 haven’t gained more traction stateside. Cult figures across Latin America, the duo of Residente (rapper René Pérez) and Visitante (producer Eduardo José Cabra Martínez) have gone from reggaeton rebels to the most critically lauded, and musically experimental, group in Latin hiphop. Along the way, Residente’s penchant for controversial lyrics and aggressive storytelling has lead to frequent “Latin Eminem” comparisons.

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Untold Stories: New Afro Latinos Documentary Series

Words by Eddie STATS Houghton


Our man in Miami Walshy Fire just put me up on this new documentary series which focuses on the African roots of modern Latin culture. Goes without saying that the Caribbean is at the heart of this topic and just from the trailer it’s obvious the show will feature heavy doses of Cuban, Puerto Rican, Dominican and even Haitian culture as well as glimpses into black Colombia, Guatamala, Honduras and Panama (which, the trailer suggests, might be the birthplace of Rastafarianism?). The filmmakers don’t business about the fact that they are setting out to rewrite the eurocentric version of Latin American history as it’s currently taught. And rightly so. After all, as Buju said, the full has never been told. It seems this is slated to air sometime later this year, though it’s not clear what channel or network as yet. Meantimes, watch the trailer below and get more info here and here.

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Toppa Top 10: Top 10 Caribbean Beaches!

Words by Eddie STATS Houghton, DJ Gravy, Anicee Gaddis, Nicolette Gibson and Martei Korley.


Yes, Spring Break is almost here, when a young man’s fancy turns to thoughts of fruity drinks with umbrellas in them and girls gone wild. But even if you are not a raging fratbull on a lose-your-virginity quest from a bad ’80s movie, it is time to think about the beach. If you’re anything like us, you are kicking yourself for not make a carnival mission about now and making resolutions that next year you are going to blame it on Rio. Or Port of Spain. Or someplace. And in the same breath you are probably thinking you can’t wait a whole year and it is time to get the fuck outta Dodge. We are here to help. We’ve put in a lot of time on beaches over the years and have developed the picky taste of true connoisseurs (ok, addicts). Our favorite sandtraps may be a little further off the beaten path than Frommer’s or the NY Times. But they’re worth the hike. Here are our picks, with no particular regard to order:

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Family Business: The Week in Marley, Inc.

Words by Jesse Serwer


Tomorrow, Sunday February 6 marks what would have been Bob Marley’s 66th birthday, and, while the week leading up to this date is always busy with Bob-related news and events, the last few days have been particularly noisy. Most notably, it was announced that director Kevin McDonald (Last King of Scotland, The Eagle) will helm a Bob Marley documentary backed by producers Ziggy Marley and Chris Blackwell. Tuesday, meanwhile, saw the release of Live Forever: The Stanley Theatre, Pittsburgh, PA, September 23, 1980, a recording of Bob’s last-ever concert (A date, as David Fricke notes in his Rolling Stone review, which Bob honored two days after he collapsed while jogging in New York). In addition to the CD and digital release, Universal Motown/Tuff Gong has issued the recording, long available as a bootleg, in a “super-deluxe” edition with three vinyl LPs, two CDs and a commemorative booklet.

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Higher Heights: Exclusive Lin-Manuel Miranda Interview

Words by Jessica Freites

Lin-Manuel Miranda_137-Mr.Write
If you’re anything like us, then over the last few years you may have found yourself basking in a concrete-lined Caribbean paradise where bodegas adorned in fresh graffiti and piraguero chants could make any campesino feel like the remnants of el capital lie somewhere along 135th Street.  Located in New York’s uptown area, the culturally rich infusion of Dominicano culture that is the Washington Heights section of Manhattan has a slew of worldly stories to tell–all within a 30 block span.  As told through the highly personal experiences and worldview of Nuyorican playwright/actor Lin-Manuel Miranda, In the Heights has illuminated this enclave to audiences across the spectrum, bridging the gap between the Caribbean islands and Manhattan island.  Also please note, the on/off Broadway musical was the winner of four Tony Awards and a slew of other accolades.  Needless to say, el senor Miranda is a busy man with a busy brain that continues to spray creativity in all directions.  With its Broadway run having come to a close earlier this month, LARGE UP caught the creator in a rare moment of downtime and jumped on the opportunity to discuss the far-reaching success of In the Heights with Lin-Manuel…as well as what’s next for the young playwright with a future that’s broader than Broadway.

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