Nov 24, 2014
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Posts tagged: Puerto Rico

Toppa Top 10: Top Rum, Part Two

Words by Eddie STATS Houghton

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Throwback Thursdays: DJ Chief Boima on Big Boy “Mis Ojos Lloran Para Ti”

Words by Chief Boima

I’m not “Latino” or a native-Spanish speaker, so I may have been a little “late” the first time I heard this song. I don’t really look back on it with childhood nostalgia when I hear it (although when I see the fashion in the video…!). But when I did finally come across it, it definitely left an impression, helping to direct my journey into Spanish-language music which continues on through to today.

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Depp Charge: Johnny Depp x Hunter S. Thompson x Puerto Rico = Rum Diary

Words by Eddie STATS Houghton

Johnny Depp apparently didn’t pirate enough of the Caribbean on the last three (or four) go-rounds–or of the acid he and homey Benicio Del Toro were clearly mainlining in the making of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas–because his next project will also be a Caribbean adventure (of sorts) and also based on the work of Fear and Loathing’s author, Hunter S. Thompson. Written in the early 60s while Thompson was working as a reporter for the English-language San Juan Star, Rum Diary was not published until 1998 and is one of only two novels (the other is still unpublished) attempted by the original gonzo journalist, who was more known for his (sometimes fictional) non-fiction. Shot on location in Puerto Rico in 2009, the film, adapted by Killing Fields screenwriter Bruce Robinson involves romantic entanglements, conspiracy, hallucinations (it is Hunter S. Thompson) and of course lots of and lots of rum. Promises to be both a classic in the venerable genre of white-man-runs-amok-in-tropical-country flicks and (maybe?) an indictment of the twisted realities of backyard colonialism. Hits the big screen on October 28th, watch the trailer below:


Style & Vibes: Shady Business

Words by Mikelah Rose

Pass, we a pass / inna wi dark glass! You can’t run around the whole summer without a great pair of shades; a favorite accessory that is not just a fashion statement but protection for your eyes from harmful UV rays. Even if you hate to wear sunglasses you’ll need them for the occasional all-day excursion, especially when driving or attending an outdoor event. In short, everyone need a pair of shades to hold down the summer sun (or tropical sun, for those of us who are yard-based). You can go for a classic investment pair of sunglasses, which to wear all the time or a more trendy pair just to take you through the summer. Here are a few designer selections for both men and women:

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Double Selection: Sean Paul x Alexis Jordan + Rihanna x Wayne Marshall

Words by Eddie STATS Houghton

Not sure if dancehall is getting more island pop or all pop music is getting now mostly dancehall. Either way Sean Paul seems like he might be back in toppa pop 10 form with this new American Idol combination he leaked today:

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Fashion Fridays: Supra Vaider X Puerto Rican Day Parade

Words by Jesse Serwer, via Freshness Mag


If you’re anywhere near New York City at the moment, you’re likely already aware that this Sunday is the National Puerto Rican Day Parade. For those who aren’t here, the annual event, held on the second Sunday of every June, rivals Labor Day’s West Indian Day Parade as NYC’s largest and wildest organized street event. Every year, some 3 million revelers make it out to the parade route along Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, transforming the city into a sea of red, white and blue. Its impeding arrival, meanwhile, is announced days earlier, as the number of salsa-blasting Hondas sporting Puerto Rican flags grows exponentially in and around the five boroughs.

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