Oct 25, 2014
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Posts tagged: Puerto Rico

Boricua Beatles: The Ghetto Brothers’ Vintage Puerto Rican Rock

Words by Jesse Serwer—
Ghetto Brothers Vest back

In the South Bronx of the early 1970s, just around the time when Afrika Bambaataa and his Black Spades gang were refocusing their energies into community activism and music, the leaders of a nearby Puerto Rican street organization, Ghetto Brothers, followed a similar path. But where the hip-hop pioneers of Bambaataa’s Universal Zulu Nation took their inspiration from James Brown and obscure breakbeats found in funk and rock records, the Ghetto Brothers’ were inspired by the melodies of the Beatles, doo-wop and the emerging Latin rock sound of the day.

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AUDIO: Download Young Ragga’s “Musiquilla” +“Antiestablishment”

Words by Sabia McCoy-Torres—


Young Ragga, a new artist representing San Juan, Puerto Rico, has just released Ragga Muffin Style, a collaboration with producer DJ Nature. The album is a refreshing return to the ’80s rub-a-dub era, infused with the lyrical flows and techniques of the present. Young Ragga’s desire to have the new pay respect to the old is clear in his album cover’s reference to Horace Andy’s Dance Hall Style. While the majority of the album is reggae based, “Antiestablishment,” an Afrobeat inspired track layered with rap lyrics that chant down Babylon, shows the diversity of Young Ragga’s style. Very worth downloading.

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Mixtape Mondays: Kalibandulu x Eccentrix, XTM. Nation, DJ Tanner

Words by DJ Theory—

Monday has shown it’s head again, which can only mean that new mixes await you here at LargeUp. Dancehall, culture, moombahton, trap, tropical bass, all spice up the pot this week with heat from Miami x  Italy, NYC and Kingston. Catch a vibe below.

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Seen: Vintage Rum Advertisements from the Gallery of Graphic Design

Words by Jesse Serwer—

Mining through the depths of a Google Image search recently, I came across a striking throwback advertisement for Dagger, a long-forgotten Jamaican rum produced by J Wray and Nephew in the 1950s. That discovery led to another: TJS Labs’ Gallery of Graphic Design database, a treasure trove of advertisements from days gone by. Their archives for rum are particularly rich, with ads for Myers’s and Ronrico as well as other long-defunct brands like  Old St. Croix, from the pages of Time, Life, Sports Illustrated and the Saturday Evening Post, spanning the 1930s through to the mid-’60s Mad Men era. The Dagger ad below, it seems, appeared in the April 27, 1959 issue of Sports Illustrated. Scroll down for more visual gold from the GGS archives.

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Toppa Top 10: Ten Summer Coolers + Cocktails

Words by LargeUp Crew—

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Toppa Top 10: Ten Caribbean Athletes at the Summer Olympics

Words by Emily Shapiro and Jesse Serwer—

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