Nov 23, 2014
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Posts tagged: Prince Zimboo

Mixtape Mondays: QQ x Wildcat Sound, Blondtron x Prince Zimboo x A Tribe Called Red, Melody Jay

Words by Deejay Theory

MM 33

Monday is here and while some of our crew is headed off to JA on the “Welcome to Jamrock” cruise (jerks) it’s music and mixes as usual here at #MixtapeMondays. Big new vibes and a few curveballs from JA, Canada, Hawaii and beyond ..

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Dinner Theater: Sani Showbizz’s “Big Piece of Chicken”

Words by Jesse Serwer—

Reggae lends itself to parody perhaps more than any other music, but there’s one man elevating the spoofing of it to new heights: Sani Showbizz. An ’80s-style skat chatter in the Eek-A-Mouse mold, Sani has previously given us the legend-making “I Know” (No. 4 on our Toppa Top 10 Fake Reggae Songs list) and starred in a hilarious sequence of webisodes with “Jamaican Damian Hirst” L.A. Lewis.

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LA’s Story: LA Lewis + Sani Showbizz Conquer the Conceptual Art World

Words by Jesse Serwer—

Jamaican deejay enigma LA Lewis recently re-emerged with a new website, a new sidekick manager in Prince Zimboo alter ego ’80s-style skat chatter/former Rolling Stones tourmate Sani Showbizz, and a new focus. He’s embracing the role of conceptual artist, becoming “Jamaica’s Damien Hirst,” we learn over a new video series documenting his evolution. “I been doing some research over the past few couple months,” he tells us while chiseling a sink fixture in one such clip, “and everything that LA Lewis have done, or touched, or have been said…is art!”

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Every Posse Get Flat: Stream Federation Sound’s Flatlands Remix Project

Words by Eddie STATS Houghton

Tomorrow the good youths of Federation Sound will be unveiling their Flatlands remix project, making it available for purchase via digickal download. You may remember the Flatlands in its original incarnation, a tough Max Glazer production which featured everyone from Natalie Storm to veteran Redd Foxx. For the remix project, the Federators opened up their dub-box to a who’s-who of production heavyweights, including but not limited to: Ward 21, DJ Ayres, Nick Catchdubs, Heatwave crew and DJ Theory of Mixtape Mondays fame. In other words LargeUp family in the building! The results are predictably wicked (but never predictable) and there has already been buzz from some big-name producers queuing up to jump on the next project–and this one didn’t even drop yet! Stream the whole damn thing below and drive before you buy.

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Woo Heh: Prince Zimboo x Lieders of the New School, “Ultimate Love”

Words by Jesse Serwer

About the only things we know about Lieders of the New School are that they seem to be German moombahton producers and they’re not the Leaders of the New School, the early ’90s rap group known for launching the career of Busta Rhymes and collabing with Tribe on “Scenario.” Lest there be any confusion, though, the beatmakers behind “Ultimate Love” featuring faux-African deejay Prince Zimboo begin their video for said tune with the acronym “LOTNS,” as opposed to the “LONS” preferred by Busta, Charlie Brown, Dinco D and Cut Monitor Milo.

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Mixtape Mondays: Wildlife!, Prince Zimboo, Delly Ranx, Close Connections

Words by Eddie STATS Houghton and Jesse Serwer

MM 3

Blondtron f. Prince Zimboo, Bouncin’ Bush Stew (via Mad Decent): If you’ve heard Major Lazer’s Guns Don’t Kill People, People Do, you’ve already been tickled–or offended–by “African” deejay Prince Zimboo. One of several comical alter egos of Jamaican producer Asani Morris, Zimboo has turned up more frequently lately, even voicing a tune on Federation Sound’s brand-new Flatlands riddim. Our Mad Decent connect Jillionaire alerted us to Bouncin’ Bush Stew, a collaboration between Morris and Canadian DJ Blondtron. Mostly, the tape showcases Blondtron’s eclectic tastes: She blends Ace of Base’s “All that She Wants” and “Teach Me How to Dougie,” and makes several pitstops in Africa (Spoek Mathambo, Dr Alban’s “Hello Afrika”). Zimboo serves primarily as host, offering absurd commentary (“Heh, Blondtron, you run naked with me in the bush in a porcupine quill thong, heh—it is a security feature, that way you will be not attacked by any wild creature”). Listen to the end, though, for a handful of original tunes, like the hilarious faux-culture tune “Manners” (“You used to live in the country mining bauxite/Then you come to di town, and sell your backside…It’s not right”). Get the tracklisting here, read Jillionaire’s commentary here, and download at either.

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