Nov 27, 2014
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Posts tagged: Paris

Blacka’s World: The First Dancehall Ragga Jam World Conference

Words by Blacka Di Danca—


This past weekend was glorious for dancehall. The world’s first dancehall dance convention, officially known as the Dancehall Ragga Jam World Conference, was held in Paris, France, and it was a huge success.

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Blacka’s World: Bringing Dancehall to Juste Debout

Words by Blacka Di Danca, Photos by Little Shao

New York City-based dancer and choreographer extraordinaire Blacka di Danca has been traveling the world spreading the gospel of dancehall through classes and appearances at top dance studios and clubs from Mexico to Siberia. He’s currently on his latest tour across Europe, where he had a chance to see history being made as dancehall was added to Juste Debout, the world’s largest street dance competition, earlier this month.

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Worldwide Punanny: Electric Punanny Tours the Globe

Words by LargeUp Crew, Video by Vincent Picone—


Last fall, our friends Jasmine Solano and Melo-X took their celebrated, super-fun, dancehall/electro/anything-goes dance party Electric Punanny on a 360-degree world tour. The six-country, nine-city sojourn touched down in Paris, Stockholm(“That was one of the first spots that surprised us with how much reggae they knew,” says Melo-x), London; Munich, Berlin, Melbourne, Sydney and Queensland (Australia) in October, before climaxing in Tokyo in November.

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Ground Provisions: Finding Jamaica in Paris at Hustler Corner

Words by Rishi Bonneville

“Ground provisions” is a term ascribed throughout the Caribbean to starchy, ground-grown fruits and vegetables—yams, cassava, potatoes, breadfruit. Everyday staples that make up the foundation of the region’s diet. Here at LargeUp, Ground Provisions will be an ongoing series on Wednesdays spotlighting Caribbean eateries around the world,  from unsung island gems to outposts of Caribbean hospitality in the Diaspora and beyond.


Sweden’s own Junior Natural and The Uppsala Reggae Festival

Words by j-RockaZ

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