Nov 28, 2014
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Posts tagged: Nature Island

Toppa Top 6: The Caribbean’s Best Book Festivals

Words by Natalie Weiner and Tishanna Williams—

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Impressions: Creole Day in Dominica

Words by Jesse Serwer, Photos by Martei Korley—

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LargeUp TV: Beautiful Dominica, Part One—Creole Culture

Words by Jesse Serwer:::Photos by Martei Korley—


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Nature Island Treasure: Dominica’s Waitukubuli National Trail

Words by Jesse Serwer—


When it comes to eco-tourism, Dominica is tough to beat. With its rugged, unspoiled terrain and lack of large-scale hotel developments, the island tends to attract a more active bunch to its shores than other Caribbean isles. They don’t call it the “Nature Island” for nothing. Adding to its wilderness-buff appeal is the new Waitukubuli National Trail.

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Fashion Fridays: Ladies Creole Wear in Dominica

Words by Jesse Serwer, Photos by Martei Korley—


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Nature Island Viagra: Bois Bandé, Dominica’s Love Potion

Words by Jesse Serwer—

Bois Bande Dominica

Dominica is a place of such natural abundance that even Viagra grows on trees. Better still, it’s distilled into rum. Bois Bandé, which literally translates to “hard wood,” is the bark of the Richeria grandis tree. While this same tree can also be found in Grenada, Guadeloupe, Trinidad (whose Mighty Sparrow made a song about it), Costa Rica and even parts of Brazil, in many of these places you’ve gotta be in good with some bushmen to get some. In Dominica, where bois bandé has been used as an aphrodisiac and a fix for sexual ills going back to the time of the Carib and Arawak Indians, rum made with the substance is as easy to find as the nearest liquor store or rum shack. (It’s also distilled into powders and extracts which are sold online and, apparently, very popular in France)

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