Apr 17, 2014
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Posts tagged: Natalie Storm

Slack Back: Truckback Records’ Sexxxx Tape Trailer

Words by Jesse Serwer—

One of our favorite record labels Truckback Records has been claiming to have in its possession a sex tape involving some major dancehall stars. Natalie Storm, Lady Saw, Mr. Lexx and Dejavu and have all taken to social networks to comment on allegations they may be featured on the tape, and the Jamaica Star even reported on the phenomenon, suggesting that talk of the tape may in fact be hype for, well, something else. A video trailer recently posted to YouTube was taken down after a user reported its content but now you can see it here, exclusively on LargeUp. Watch the trailer below, and stay tuned to LargeUp for more news about the alleged “Sexxx Tape.” We’ve gotten our own exclusive preview of it and trust us, it’s something you’re going to want to be up on when it finally emerges.

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Mixtape Mondays: Faction Sound Crew, Sensi Movement, Bassrunner Productions

Words by DJ Theory—

It’s a new week, which means more mixes and vibes coming your way from different corners of the world here on Mixtape Mondays. This week we touch down in Vancouver, NYC, Germany, Austria with some brand new one drop, big duplates, moombahton, and even some throwback hip-hop. Suit up.

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Temperature Rising: Watch Natalie Storm’s “Hotta” Video

Words by Jesse Serwer

Natalie Storm isn’t just our sex columnist (New Punanilogue out today! Read up on all the rest of them here!), she’s also one of our favorite dancehall artists. Far from your typical female deejay, Nat has her own sassy, electro-influenced spin on Jamaican music that she calls electrofied garrison dancehall. In an era when many dancehall acts are willing to compromise their brand to jump on any trend they can hitch themselves to, Natalie’s distinctive aesthetic comes through in every single thing she does. Exhbit A: “Hotta.” Produced by Ward 21, the accurately titled tune was first featured as a premix on her Federation Sound-helmed 2010 mixtape, Songs 2 F@#k & Fight 2, and released as a single earlier this year. The video, directed by Roli Brown, depicts Natalie in a typically colorful light, as she sets what must be a record for most costume changes in a dancehall video (For the record, we’re partial to the pinstripe jacket-and-black-stockings look). Hotter than she yuh can’t find. Gees and peas!

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Natalie Storm’s Punanilogues: The Real Gift That Keeps On Giving

Words by Natalie Storm, Photos by Martei Korley

Today my vagina wants to take a trip down memory lane and talk about the bittersweet taste of Bun!

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Every Posse Get Flat: Stream Federation Sound’s Flatlands Remix Project

Words by Eddie STATS Houghton

Tomorrow the good youths of Federation Sound will be unveiling their Flatlands remix project, making it available for purchase via digickal download. You may remember the Flatlands in its original incarnation, a tough Max Glazer production which featured everyone from Natalie Storm to veteran Redd Foxx. For the remix project, the Federators opened up their dub-box to a who’s-who of production heavyweights, including but not limited to: Ward 21, DJ Ayres, Nick Catchdubs, Heatwave crew and DJ Theory of Mixtape Mondays fame. In other words LargeUp family in the building! The results are predictably wicked (but never predictable) and there has already been buzz from some big-name producers queuing up to jump on the next project–and this one didn’t even drop yet! Stream the whole damn thing below and drive before you buy.

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The Punany Monologues Part 5: Natalie Storm Talks About Sex

Words by Natalie Storm, photos by Martei Korley.

Many of you may be offended by this post so this is a disclaimer: the views expressed on this blog are not necessarily the views of the author. I’m speaking nothing but the truth according to my VAGINA (and you know she forced me to write this out of fear. It’s called fluffnaniphobia–the fear of other women with really fat pum-pum). When I was growing up I was extremely thin and my neighbors (hated their guts), even friends and family (really just a bunch of mean people I have to love…haha), used to style me as koo-koom-koom—meaning they heard my bones rubbing together at the joints when I walked. I used to hate it. I wanted nothing more than to be round and fluffy and I even used to pray that God would send me a fairy godmother to turn me into a meatier version of myself, or to at least bring some lubricant for my joints. I’m glad that God saw fit not to answer my prayers because I’d probably be calling myself Natalie “Fluffy to di world, anuh my fault, goodas gal” Storm right now and seeing how I’m already calling myself Natalie “anuh my fault, goodas gal to di world” Storm, I think the fluffy would make it a tad bit too much.

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