Nov 28, 2014
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Posts tagged: Natalie Storm

Toppa Top 10: Reggae/Dancehall’s Greatest Lady Deejays

Words by LargeUp Crew—lady-ann-sister-nancy-lady-p

The role of women in dancehall is extensive and varied. Most famously, there are the dancehall queens who have turned the seductive movements inspired by the music into a distinctive and worldwide artform of its own. Deejaying has always been a male-dominated sport but that’s not to say there haven’t been many worthy ladies in the ranks, too. We decided it was about time to spotlight women’s contributions to dancehall by highlighting all of the genre’s most crucial female voices, from relative newcomer Tifa to pioneers like Sister Nancy. Turns out we aren’t the only ones thinking this: this Saturday, May 24, Club Amazura in Queens, NYC is hosting a concert dubbed the Invasion of the Queens, featuring an all-female cast of dancehall greats, including a number of the lady deejays on this list.

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Badda Don Dada: Ward 21 Channel Super Cat on “Mic Magician”

Words by DJ Autograph

I might be a Jamaican but my introduction to Ward 21’s “Mic Magician” is a fortunate and direct result of my current effort to learn Swedish. I was listening to Safari Sound’s show on Swedish National Radio Friday, when I was blown away by the Super Cat sample-driven “Mic Magician,” featuring Marcy Chin and Deewunn, the newest members of Ward 21’s extended Badda Badda Gang family. The song’s use of “Under Pressure” is easily the best use of a Super Cat sample this side of Nas’ Salaam Remi-produced “The Don.”

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Double Dose: RSXG Productions “Swag Fi Dem” + The Rub x Natalie Storm x So Shifty “Dutty Gyal”

Words by Deejay Theory —

Huge set of vibes here from two major camps—this is what happens when you take dancehall to the club. First up, Finnish dance music label Top Billin has a brand new effort in the dancehall arena— let’s not forget this heater we dropped from them last year. This one rallied a loud UK lineup via RSXG (producers X-Ill-Ent G and Rebel Sonix) featuring Birmingham talents Lady Leshurr, Juki Ranx and Brooklynne. The promos are steadily making rounds in UK dancehall and radio circuits, and I’m sure the original and remix versions will soon start to percolate in the states as well. We’ve got the premiere of “Swag Fi Dem” right here, plus the video and exclusive download for the moombahton remix from Rebel Sonix and Geek Boy. Full description and purchase links for the original and remix versions here. Peep the original video here and the remix version and download below.

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LargeUp Premiere: Download The Rub feat. Natalie Storm’s “Dutty Gyal”

Words by Jesse Serwer—


The Rub’s DJ Ayres and DJ Eleven are known for their legendary parties that blend up every genre—or all the good ones, at least—into one musical utopia. In fact, you could say that the two (along with Rub co-founder and Okayplayer/LargeUp family for life, Cosmo Baker) are part of a select few DJs responsible for the general genre-smashing and border-erasing that has occurred in music over the last decade or so. So it’s no surprise that The Rub’s new EP—their first as producers making original tracks—would include some dancehall flavor, alongside hip-hop, house, electro, moombahton and other ingredients.

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Audio: Poirier x Natalie Storm, “Gal U Good (Futura Riddim Remix)”

Words by Jesse Serwer—

Natalie Storm Punany Monologues

LargeUp’s Punany Monologues columnist and all-around dancehall sex symbol Natalie Storm has been laying extremely low of late, but fortunately Montreal’s Poirier has helped keep her voice in the mix, with his recent single “Gal U Good” featuring Natalie on vocals.

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Mixtape Mondays: Cregis x Eccentrix Sound, Wildlife!, Extra Stout Sound

Words by DJ Theory —

MM 39

After a big week which saw our own new mix series debut with Jillionaire’s Fog Up D Place, we’ve got more heat on deck on Mixtape Mondays. This week we premiere a new ting from some real yutes, bring bashment and bass from Switzerland to Manhattan, and touch down in the UK with the son of reggae royalty. The week has officially started.

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