Apr 25, 2014
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Posts tagged: Max Glazer

Funky Cold Medina: Ron Jeremy x Panama Rum = Ron de Jeremy

Words by Jesse Serwer, via Max Glazer’s Twitter

Yes, there is a rum named after Ron Jeremy and, yes, there is a good reason to talk about it here. Ron de Jeremy is the idea of a company called One Eyed Spirits, who apparently had a light-bulb moment upon realizing that the Spanish word for run, ron, is also the first name of this most famous of porn stars. But while the concept is novel (and the marketing predictably references Jeremy’s unlikely powers over women), Ron de Jeremy is not a novelty product. It is distilled in Panama by Cuban master blender Francisco “Don Pancho” Fernandez, who is apparently kind of a big deal in the rum world, and the reviews of it generally seem to be very favorable. For now, the rum, which is aged seven years, is available only by web order (for $30), though the product is coming soon to stores and bars, according to the Ron de Jeremy website. Tip of the hat to super DJ Max Glazer for calling us out on Twitter for sleeping on this fine product!

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Mixtape Mondays: Collin Hines, Itation Sound, DJ Daneekah

Words by DJ Theory

Yes it’s been a week already, and we’re right back at it here at Mixtape Mondays. It’s safe to say that summer is officially over, but we got you covered as always with the mixtape heat. Leggo.

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Pon Di Runway Side: Fashion’s Night Out Gets Gully With Mavado

Words by Jesse Serwer, Photos by Yofray Ray

We’re in the midst of Fashion Week here in New York, so Fashion Fridays is now Fashion Mondays, Fashion Tuesdays, etc. You can try to run, but you can’t hide from the monster. Nuh stush ting for us, though: we spent “Fashion’s Night Out” Thursday evening chopping it up with Mavado, in a suite at Manhattan’s Yotel. (As it turns out, he went on quite the shopping spree earlier in that day, hitting Alife, Christian Louboutin–for his baby’s mama–and even hunting for a chandelier). Then it was downstairs to the hotel’s lounge for “Married to the Gully,” a Fashion’s Night Out event that paired ‘Vado with female-centric streetwear label Married to the M.O.B. The night was capped with a live performance (including “Last Night,” “Star Bwoy” “Weh Dem A Do” and all of his staple hits) for a crowd that included Shaggy, Cipha Sounds, Jabba, a lot of models and, we’re told, a number of fashion brand execs looking to partner with the singer. We captured the whole thing on film, which we’ll soon be posting in the form of an exclusive webisode. In the meantime, check out some raw footage from the show from our friends at Federation Sound (whose Max Glazer provided the sounds for the event).

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Mixtape Mondays: Federation Sound x 10 Deep, “Summer Murda” + Rep JA x Chinese Assassin, “Frenemies”

Words by DJ Theory

As we cruise into September, we’ve got one last summer post to close out the season proper. It’s Carnival season here in the US (make sure to check back here on LU soon for a wrap-up on today’s BK Carnival festivities), so anything else would be uncivilized. This Mixtape Mondays is so huge we don’t even know if our bandwidth will allow this much weight…

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NYC: Los Rakas Release Event at Tammany Hall 8/19 + “Ta Lista” Download

Words by Eddie STATS Houghton

As trumpeted, LargeUp is proud to bring you the official release event for Los Rakas’ new EP Chancletas y Camisetas Bordadas (translated roughly as: “Flip-flops & Wifebeaters”) which is going down this coming Friday, August 19th at Tammany Hall in LES, New York. Controlling the DJ set is an all-star line-up including the Rice & Peas/Re-Opened core team of Max Glazer, DJ Gravy & Micro Don plus myself Eddie STATS (hola), pan-tropicalist Chief Boima (who produced several of the tracks on the EP) and Uproot Andy of Que Bajo fame (who also happened to produce Los Rakas’ breakthrough joint “Abrazame“). If thats not enough, Raka Dun and Raka Rich of LR will be hosting the vent in the flesh (and we have to expect that they’ll touch the mic at some point).

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Mixtape Mondays: Max Glazer, Donae’o, DJ Theory

Words by DJ Theory

MM 12

Another week has passed here on Earth, and so another edition of Mixtape Mondays has arrived, broadcasting live from Mars. Before liftoff, please be sure your seatbacks are in an upright position and traytables are ‘pon lock…

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