Apr 18, 2014
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Posts tagged: Mavado

Toppa Top 10: Reggae-Inspired Kicks

Words by Jason “J-Rockaz” Orford


Spring is here! Which means Summer will be hotstepping around the corner any minute. While we here at LargeUp have kept our Clarks on for what seems like all winter, we don’t mind diversifying our portfolios when the weather nices up. These trainers manage to pull off top-ranking status from the sidelines by putting an international spotlight on the marginalized world of reggae and dancehall culture. Paying homage to the iconic Red, Gold & Green color combination didn’t necessarily qualify items to appear on this list. Don’t get us wrong–it didn’t hurt. Together those colors symbolize a deeper meaning, which many of the cut/paste/iron-on-patch sneakers simply can’t live up to. But it was meaningful and creative executions which truly qualified these kicks for thanks and praise. LargeUp and enjoy…

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Complex Situation: Wiz Khalifa Reps JA (and Mavado)

Words by Jesse Serwer


No surprise seeing rap’s newest bonafide star Wiz Khalifa on the cover of the new Complex Magazine (A publication, as it happens, currently under the art direction of LargeUp family member Brent Rollins).  The kid, who’s about to drop one of the most anticipated rap albums of the year next week, has already been out front on Rolling Stone. Wiz’s attire took us for a loop, though: he’s rocking the Gully squad T-shirt from our peoples RepJA. We’ve never known Wiz to be much of a dancehall head (though he did rhyme over Alborosie’s “Still Blazin” on his Kush & Orange Juice mixtape) so we’re curious to know if this is a deliberate homage to Mavado, or just a happy accident. If so, we’d like to see those two lighting one up in the studio before the summer comes. With all due apologies to Nas and Jr. Gong, we’re still waiting for that crucial collaboration that brings reggae/hip-hop crossover back to the forefront.

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Cockney & Yardie: Heatwave’s UK Update, March 2011

Words by Gabriel Heatwave

Smiley Culture 01

First up this month is the tragic news that Smiley Culture, UK dancehall icon and a key inspiration for this column, has died, aged 48. In fact, we’re dedicating the whole of this month’s update to his memory and legacy. The circumstances surrounding his death are somewhat mysterious, with some debate over how his fatal stab wound was inflicted during a police raid on his home just outside London. An investigation by the Independent Police Complaints Commission is underway and there have been calls for a full public inquiry into his death.

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Spring Bruk: Drake and Mavado Onstage at BritJam

Words by Eddie STATS Houghton via Octobers Very Own


We TOLD YOU Drake was on some dancehall shit (and then we told you again). Everybody’s favorite child-actor turnt rapper turnt singer gave full vent to his yardocentric Star Bwoy persona (not to be confused with his soundsytem selector persona Voodoo Child Sound) at a recent Britjam performance, parring on stage with homie/video co-star Mavado and saying, Jamaica to the bloodclaat world! Literally. Which turned out to be a problem, actually, cause apparently the plug was pulled on the show when Drake dropped the claat-bomb, preempting a much-anticipated freestyle over a dancehall beat. They did ask him nicely to stop banging on the furnace. And now the party done.

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Pass The Dutch: Federation Sound in Amsterdam

Words by Eddie STATS Houghton


The culture snobs over at High Snobiety just posted this lovely black and white Afflicted Yard footage of our doopses from Federation Sound on their recent trip to Amsterdam. Speaks for itself but I would like to just add that we’d like to see more images of a flag-waving Mavado set to quiet etudes for piano–and more images of powdered-wig, drawing-room dancehall queens set to “I’m So Special.”

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LARGE UP Exclusive: Drake Threatens to Drop a Dancehall Record

Words by Eddie STATS Houghton


So apparently at 5am the day after New Year’s your dude and mine Drake sat down with the host of Much Music‘s Rapcity for the first interview of the relaunched show (please note: that’s Rapcity, one word, not to be confused with BET’s Rap City). Since the host, T-RexXx, also happens to one of Toronto’s top movers and a core member of Drake’s OVO clique, the early morning conversation feels more like a rambling vibe session between friends than the prepackaged interviews we mostly get nowadays and the conversation eventually turned–as any 5am vibe session naturally will–to dancehall.

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