Nov 20, 2014
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Posts tagged: Matt Goias

Seen: Miss Lily’s Inna Cab Ride

Words by Emily Shapiro, Photo by Tono—

Miss Lily's Variety by Tono

If you’ve taken a taxi in New York City in the last few years, you’re familiar with NBC’s short clips spotlighting new and cool places to buy things around town. In a recent Shopping Guide clip, dashing host George Oliphant makes a visit to one of our main stops in Manhattan, Miss Lily’s Variety. He tells cab riders that the reggae/dancehall-focused retail/gallery annex of the popular Jamaican eatery (and home of is “collector’s paradise for rare Jamaican vinyl,” and even holds up Miss Lily’s newly published first book, of Jamaican Dancehall Signs, which includes a foreword and interview with collector Maxine Walters by Large Up’s own Jesse Serwer.

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Shop Ranking: Inside Miss Lily’s Variety

Words by Jesse Serwer, Photos by Tono

Back in April, we shot one of our favorite LargeUp TV episodes at New York City restaurant, Miss Lily’s Favourite Cakes. The place had just opened and, as luck would have it, our cameras were the first to capture the unique energy and aesthetic at partners Serge Becker, Paul Salmons and Binc and Gens Jakupi’s chic-yet-homey, Jamaican patty shop-inspired eatery. In the months since then, Lily’s has become a favorite hangout spot for the Kanyes of the world, lots and lots of models and regular people who enjoy good, Jamaican food, creating one of the most unique social environments in a city full of such offerings.

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Continuous Wotlessness: Matt Goias Does Miami Carnival

Words and Photographs by Matt Goias—

We never know what to call our friend Matt Goias. The guy does a little bit of everything. While we already know him as a branding expert, fashion consultant, producer, ex-DJ, Twitter provocateur and writer, it also turns out that he is nice with a camera, too. When we found out Matt was down in Miami for that city’s increasingly noteworthy Carnival, we had him share some of the photos he took on the road and inside the main event, as well as a play-by-play rundown of the festivities.

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LargeUp TV: Mavado’s Gully Fashion Week

Words by Jesse Serwer::Photo by Kevin Ornelas::Interview by Sherman Escoffery

Instead of heading back to Jamaica after last month’s West Indian Day Parade, Mavado stuck around NYC for the fall edition of the city’s famed Fashion Week. Fresh off his recent signing with DJ Khaled’s We the Best Music Group, The Gully Gad met with fashion executives, copped some Louboutin for his baby’s mama and was even seen mingling with Naomi Campbell downtown. In the midst of that, streetwear brand Married to the M.O.B and marketing mastermind Matt Goias teamed to throw a Fashion’s Night Out event in his honor at Manhattan’s Yotel dubbed “Married to the Gully.” Our cameras were there as Mavado performed hits like “So Special,” “Weh Dem A Do” and his latest, “Delilah,” for a crowd that included Shaggy, Cipha Sounds and a lot of models. Before showtime, LargeUp’s Sherman Escoffery spent spent some time up on the hotel’s eighth floor with the singer, reasoning about music, clothes and life pon the Gullyside.

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Married to the Gully: Mavado x Downtown Fashion Label Married to the M.O.B.

Words by Jesse Serwer

If Jamaican dancehall and the New York fashion world are colliding in some unexpected way, you can bet Matt Goias has something to do with it. Perhaps the only person in the world equally knowledgeable about, and connected in, both of those arenas, Matt has orchestrated a partnership between Mavado and the Alliance and lady-friendly downtown fashion label Married to the M.O.B (maybe you’ve seen their KAWS-designed bikinis) to produce a special event–with a performance from Mavado, and Max Glazer on the 1s and 2s–to celebrate Fashion’s Night Out and Fashion Week, at the new Yotel in Hell’s Kitchen. Yup, Gully Gad, downtown scenesters and fashion industry types are all gonna be partying. (Maybe Betsy Johnson will show up and do the dutty wine?) To commemorate the event, they have produced a super limited-edition sticker for attendees. Good luck getting your hands on one of these…

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Pass The Dutch: Federation Sound in Amsterdam

Words by Eddie STATS Houghton


The culture snobs over at High Snobiety just posted this lovely black and white Afflicted Yard footage of our doopses from Federation Sound on their recent trip to Amsterdam. Speaks for itself but I would like to just add that we’d like to see more images of a flag-waving Mavado set to quiet etudes for piano–and more images of powdered-wig, drawing-room dancehall queens set to “I’m So Special.”

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