Apr 18, 2014
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Posts tagged: Martei Korley

Pic of the Week: King of the Dancehall



Beenie Man shows how it’s done on the video set of “Rock the World”, his new track on Brukkout Production’s “Sewage Breath” riddim. Among the cameos in the video: One of his sons and a bottle of the Doctor’s own medicine – Yaad Swag rum…

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Audio: Martei Korley’s “Rub A Dub Soldier”

Words by Jesse Serwer—

Rub A Dub Market

‘Round here, we know Martei Korley as our creative director (not to mention co-founder and chief photographer) but he’s also a crooner who—when he’s not shooting Beres album covers or taking flicks for Rolling Stone—has recorded with some of Jamaica’s top musicians and producers.

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LargeUp TV: L.A. Lewis Drinks Through His Nose

Video by Martei Korley—

LA Lewis drinks water through his nose

Is L.A. Lewis a deejay? Is he a “conceptual artist”? It’s not exactly clear what Jamaica’s most baffling semi-celebrity does, or is, but whatever you call the self-professed “Jamaican Damien Hirst,” (check out his recent art show in Nottingham, England!) he certainly is entertaining. Take this for example: our cameras caught an immaculately attired Lewis accomplishing the unusual feat of drinking a glass of water through his nose at Barbican Football Field in Kingston, Jamaica, where he was announcing at a celebrity soccer match. Watch and, uh, enjoy:

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LargeUp Exclusive: Stream Beres Hammond’s New Album ‘One Love, One Life’

Words by Jesse Serwer, Images by Martei Korley—

Beres Hammond One Love, One Life

Jamaica’s greatest living singer has a new album, and it is one of his strongest records in years.

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Modern Lovers: Two New Singles From Beres Hammond

Words by Sherman Escoffery, Cover Photo by Martei Korley—

There is no need to wonder why Beres Hammond is the King of Jamaican Lover Rock. It is because Beres’s music deals with reality: the reality of love, life, joy, pain, heartbreak and acceptance, all sung in a voice that speaks directly to you like your conscience. Last month, we gave you a slice of Beres Hammond’s soon to be released double CD, One Life One Love, due out on November 13. But we can’t get enough of Beres Hammond over at LargeUp, so we have another treat for you, in the form of two more songs.

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