Nov 28, 2014
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Posts tagged: Marcus Garvey

Visual Culture: Lord Blakely’s “Portraits of a Ninja” Exhibition

Words by Jesse Serwer, Images by Lord Blakely—


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The 82nd Anniversary of the Coronation of Emperor Haille Selassie I

Words by DJ Gravy

Ethiopia’s last emperor, descendant of King Solomon and defender of Africa’s sovereign nation who wouldn’t accept defeat or colonization, is far more than just another king or leader. His place of importance in history cannot be overlooked, as a universal symbol of independent strength, and as someone who represented the battle against colonial stronghold. His fight to keep Italy’s leader (and founder of the fascism) out of Ethiopia would prove successful and put Ethiopia in a position to lead the way as a model to many other African nations, who, with Ras Tafari’s help, guidance and support would eventually achieve independence from the European nations who’d conquered them and in most cases, destroyed most tribal traditions and practices.

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LargeUp Premiere: Black Chiney’s “Bad Man”

Words by Jesse Serwer—

Though his roots are as a dancehall selector, Black Chiney producer Supa Dups has never let genre limits dictate his direction as a producer: He’s produced hits spanning hip-hop, R&B, pop and reggae. His latest instrumental showcases his diversity even further, with an excursion into dubstep by way of the trap. On “Bad Man,” 808 snares and bass drops clash with screeching dubstep synths and yardie ad libs (“Badman!,” “Bumboclaat!,” etc.). Stream “Bad Man” below.

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Impressions: A St. Mary Mi Come From, Capleton’s Gift to Jamaica

Words and Photos by Martei Korley—

Originally Capleton’s annual A St. Mary Mi Come From concert was scheduled for August 5, the eve before Jamaica’s 50th Independence Day. But that was before Hurricane Allen decided to pass by, and drop wind and water en masse (not to mention rolling power outages) on the entire island. Rumors of an October rain date circulated for a while, but fortunately the 18 of August was chosen instead. Where the original date was a wash-out, this date was definitely tun-up! LargeUp made the journey again and arrived just in time to see Dr. Julius Garvey, son of the Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey, who was in the country in celebration of the 125th Birthday of his father. Standing on stage with the Fireman himself, he said: “Big Up to all Rastaman, dem keep the memory of Marcus Garvey alive — Nuff Respect!”

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Homecoming King: Jamaica Honors Marcus Garvey On His 125th Birthday

Words by Jesse Serwer—


Big tings a gwaan in the movement to recognize the accomplishments and life of Marcus Garvey. Jamaica will honor the father of the pan-Africanism movement, founder of the Universal Negro Improvement Association and inspiration for the Rastafari movement by posthumously awarding him the keys to the city of Kingston, in a ceremony marking his 125th birthday today. Dr. Julius Garvey, Garvey’s son, is currently in Jamaica on a four-day tour that will also see the launch of a Marcus Mosiah Garvey mobile museum, and will accept the ceremonial token on his father’s behalf.

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Toppa Top 50: Fifty Great Jamaicans

Words by LargeUp Crew—


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