Apr 20, 2014
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Posts tagged: Lady G

Toppa Top 10: Ten Classic Clashes at Sting

Words by Jesse Serwer and DJ Gravy—


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Toppa Top 10: Ragga Garage

Words by Suze Webb—

Ewen Spencer

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Audio: Bounty Killer’s “No Long Talking” + Jah Snowcone’s Antibiotic Riddim

Words by Jesse Serwer, Photo by Martei Korley—

Bounty Killer, Wayne Marshall and Federation Sound

Bounty Killer’s new one “No Long Talking” is one of our favorite tunes of the past month, and our pick for best Bounty song in at least a few years—it’s the Warlord back in top form. We can’t say for sure if it was recorded before or after his recent dust-up with Tommy Lee Sparta, but if that’s what it took to get him back on the level, than bring on the clash!

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Throwback Thursdays: Natalie Storm on Lady G’s “Nuff Respect”

Words by Natalie Storm—

Not only is our Punany Monologues columnist Natalie Storm one of the shining lights for females in the dancehall, she’s a great writer, too. For this week’s Throwback Thursdays, we had Natalie go in on the little-known video for one of the great female deejay anthems of all-time, in Lady G’s “Nuff Respect.”

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Toppa Top 10: Ten Classic Reggae Break-Up Tunes

Words by Jesse Serwer, DJ Gravy and Sherman Escoffery—

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Style & Vibes: A Look Back at Dancehall Fashion, Pt. 2: The 1980s

Words by Mikelah Rose

As dancehall deejays elevated their lyrics to another level in the 1980s, they also elevated their style game. In addition to being able to toast with the best of them, you had to step out on stage correct lyrically and stylistically, because commanding a dancehall crowd was–and still is –no easy task. The ’80s were a fashion era that we look back at and say, “What were they thinking!?!” but then again, fashion is all about self-expression. Like they say in the dancehall, “Style ah style an style cyan spoil!” The ’80s were filled with Kangols, gold chains and blazers with extra shoulder padding–as the era progressed, the clothes got bigger and more colorful, and gold accessories were in excess.

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