Aug 21, 2014
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Posts tagged: Jamaicans

Yuh Dun Kno!: Up Close and Personal with Tosh Alexander

Words by Jesse Serwer, Photos by Martei Korley—


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Throwback Thursdays: Echo Slim on Bounty Killer’s “Down in the Ghetto”

Words by Echo Slim—

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Wha Gwaan: Listen to Afropop Worldwide’s NYC Reggae History Lesson

Words by Emily Shapiro—


Afropop Worldwide, the long-running syndicated radio program and online magazine dedicated to highlighting the contributions of Africa and the African Diaspora to music and culture, yesterday ran an hour-long program about the history of Jamaican music in New York City.

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Check It Deeply: Did Kurtis Mantronik Pioneer The Trap Beat?

Words by Jesse Serwer—


Much has been made of the blurring of the lines between hip-hop and electronic dance music that’s occurred in recent years. What often gets missed is that the two worlds started out blurred together, only to be separated inorganically by record labels and other entities. Afrika Bambaataa’s “Planet Rock” is just one example of a track that was as pivotal for hip-hop as it was for the dance music genres that took form in the early-to-mid ’80s, such as freestyle.

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Dancehall Rediscovery: Whatever happened to… Predator?

Words by —Tami Tsansai


We’ve all had moments where a random tune pops into our heads, or we turn the radio on just in time to hear a high school favourite coming at us through the speakers, instantly making the day. That’s the energy whenever I hear a track from one of these deejays… Hawkeye, Predator, Warrior King… where are all those wicked Jamaican dancehall artistes who used to ‘run de place’ now? I for one certainly miss their flava, so I thought it fitting to pay homage to a few of them with a series this week. Check out the first one after the jump.

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NEW MUSIC: Jovi Rockwell Returns With “I Got You”

Words by Jesse Serwer — Photo by Martei Korley



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