Nov 28, 2014
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Posts tagged: Jamaica Observer

Visual Culture: Clovis Designs New ‘Strictly the Best’ Covers

Words by Jesse Serwer—

Strictly the Best 46 and 47. Cover artwork by Clovis Brown

Since 1990, VP Records has released two annual Strictly the Best compilations, compiling the year’s biggest tunes in reggae and dancehall onto two separate releases. For this year’s editions, the label tapped Clovis Brown, the Jamaica Observer‘s provocative editorial cartoonist—and a LargeUp favorite—to design the CD covers. The famed cultural gadfly puts his distinctive visual spin on a reggae dance and a dancehall bashment, for Strictly the Best 46 and 47, respectively. Read LargeUp’s interview with Clovis here, and get the full track listings for the discs below. And for more on Strictly the Best’s history, read an exhaustive rundown of every release in the series, at Achis’ Reggae Blog.

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Visual Culture: A Q+A with Cartoonist Clovis Brown

Words by Sherman Escoffery, Illustrations by Clovis Brown originally published by the Jamaica Observer—

Politicians And Their Retirement Packages

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Yabby You, 1946-2010

Words By Jesse Serwer

Had it happened any other week, more might have been said about the passing of ’70s reggae pioneer Yabby You last Tuesday. But that was the same day the earthquake hit Haiti. News of his death from a brain aneurysm, meanwhile, became public just as word about Teddy Pendergrass was spreading two days later. Call it the Farrah Fawcett effect.

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