Nov 26, 2014
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Posts tagged: Horace Andy

Toppa Top 10: Ten Essential Wackie’s Tunes

Words by LargeUp Crew—
Wackies Records

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Dance Hall Style: Supreme’s Wackies Collection

Words by Jesse Serwer—


Normally, we wait until the end of the week to catch you up on fashion runnings. But when a clothing label like Supreme teams with a record label like Wackie’s, we have to interrupt your regularly scheduled programming.

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AUDIO: Download Young Ragga’s “Musiquilla” +“Antiestablishment”

Words by Sabia McCoy-Torres—


Young Ragga, a new artist representing San Juan, Puerto Rico, has just released Ragga Muffin Style, a collaboration with producer DJ Nature. The album is a refreshing return to the ’80s rub-a-dub era, infused with the lyrical flows and techniques of the present. Young Ragga’s desire to have the new pay respect to the old is clear in his album cover’s reference to Horace Andy’s Dance Hall Style. While the majority of the album is reggae based, “Antiestablishment,” an Afrobeat inspired track layered with rap lyrics that chant down Babylon, shows the diversity of Young Ragga’s style. Very worth downloading.

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You Rate It: LeaLea Jones feat. Horace Andy, “The Road”

Horace Andy requires no introduction. From ’70s Studio One classics like “Skylarking,” to his seminal dancehall recordings with Lloyd “Bullwackie” Barnes in the ’80s, and his work with trip-hop kings Massive Attack in the ’90s, Andy has been making great music for generations. With a voice as timeless as his, he’ll probably still be killing it for years to come, as well. LeaLea Jones, on the other hand, is a new name to us. “The Road,” the first single from the young British singer’s upcoming debut album, pairs her neo-soul-esque vocals with a labyrinthine dub riddim, triumphant horns and a typically killer turn from Andy. In fact, the veteran practically hijacks the song from young Ms. Jones, after first popping up at the 2-minute mark, on some LET ME SHOW YOU HOW TO DO THIS business. Let us know what you think of it all in the comments.


Cockney & Yardie: Heatwave 2010 UK Bashment Update

Words by Gabriel Heatwave with additional reporting by Dan Bean


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2000Tone: Punky Reggae Lives!

Words by Eddie STATS Houghton


In the recent Shabba issue of FADER I described dancehall like this:

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