Apr 24, 2014
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Posts tagged: “Hold Yuh”

LargeUp Premiere: Gyptian, “Let You Go” Video

Words by Jesse Serwer—


Gyptian is, arguably, reggae’s reigning king of the gyal tune. “Serious Times” announced him as a culture artist a decade ago, but he’s been singing to the ladies ever since, from the ubiquitous “Hold You” to his latest collaboration with Ricky Blaze called “Stuck.”

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AUDIO: Gyptian + Ricky Blaze Reconnect on “Stuck”

Words by Natalie Weiner—

Gyptian, Jamaican dancehall crooner and all-around ladies man, has a new single with Brooklyn producer Ricky Blaze. What happened the last time these two got in the studio together? Just one of the most internationally successful reggae tracks so far this millenium and a song that essentially gave birth to the island pop genre, that’s all.

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The LargeUp Interview: A Q+A with Ricky Blaze

Words by Emily Shapiro, Photos by Martei Korley—


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Irie FM: Gyptian Gets A Seat at NPR’s Tiny Desk

Words by Jesse Serwer


In spite of the huge 2010 that Gyptian had across the Caribban disapora and at urban radio, mainstream media coverage of the phenomenon was quite thin.  So it was a pleasant surprise to see Mr. Gyp turn up on NPR, or at least its Website, as one of the first guests of the year (second, actually) on the high-minded public radio outlet’s “Tiny Desk” performance series. Previously, Tarrus Riley and Jimmy Cliff were featured on the webisode series, taped at All Songs Considered host Bob Boilen’s desk at NPR’s Washington office. Watch below, as Gyptian, smartly attired (given his coordinates) in a Washington Nationals cap, performs “Hold Yuh,” “Beautiful Lady” and “Nah Let Go” under the watchful eye of an 8×10 photo of Sun Ra. Or visit here to download the video and/or audio.

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Los Rakas “Abrazame” Official Video

Words by Eddie STATS Houghton


The stereotype about latin dancehall (and I have probably been as guilty as anybody in perpetuating it) is that it all sounds the same–that Puerto Rico basically co-opted the Pocoman/Dem Bow riddim that was the sound of JA circa 1990 and never looked back. The criticism is not totally unfounded–the genre was simply called ‘dembow’ for years before someone coined the term reggaeton–but if you look at the phenomenon around the crossover of Gyptian’s “Hold Yuh” the equation gets reversed. While every Jamaican artist and them old-time granny is jumping on the beat trying to piggyback it’s success, Panama via the Bay singjays Los Rakas conscripted Large Up Homey Uproot Andy to rework it into a wholly original masterpiece, fleshing out the chords (themselves co-opted from an Algerian pop jam anyway??) with chutney drums and deeper, more intricate synth-lines.

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Gyptian, “Nah Let Go” Video (Hold Yuh pt. 2)

Words by Eddie STATS Houghton


A lot of people have been quietly saying that Gyptian didn’t have a record in him worthy to follow-up “Hold Yuh,” clearly positioned to be the Caribbean crossover jam of the summer. The song, people said, off the record, was bigger than the artist. This new video, though, might just put a stop to the backchat.  “Nah Let Go” manages to include all the elements–infectious lover’s rock melody, electro-pop synths that would feel at home on any dancefloor and the teenager-in-love earnestness of Gyptian’s trademark phrasing–that bust “Hold Yuh”–all the while managing to be a completely distinct song, despite the “Part 2″ sub-title. Too soon to say whether it has the same kind of legs on it but “Nah let Go” has already gotten forwards from the Heatwave crew–tastemakers to the UK dancehall and funky scene who were instrumental in breaking “Hold Yuh” in the club. If this keeps up, dread might actually live up to the R. Kelly-meets-Gregory Isaacs potential that had us all so amped when “Serious Times” and “Beautiful Lady” first dropped. Of course, truth be told, it was hard to hear those people over the plaintive, minimal keyboard stabs of “Hold Yuh” pumping out of every jeep and SUV rolling down Myrtle avenue (and Broadway and Flatbush and Queens boulevard…) but you can check the official video below and judge for yourself:

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