Nov 21, 2014
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Posts tagged: Grenada

Pop Style Pon The Parkway: Cody From Grenada

Interview by Kendra Dennis/Photos by Eddie Pearson


Every Labor Day Monday, Caribbean swagger and New York style come together at the West Indian American Day Carnival (aka the “West Indian Day Parade” or “Brooklyn Carnival”) on Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn. We decided to bring our street style feature Pop Style out onto the Parkway this year, and the cast assembled did not disappoint, reflecting the mixture of national pride and personal style we’ve come to expect from this most visually stimulating of days. With New York Fashion Week kicking into gear today on the other side of town, we’ll be sharing our favorite looks from the Parkway here.

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Well Seasoned: Watch Skinny Banton’s “Soak It Good” Video


It’s J’ouvert morning in Grenada right now and if, you’re like us and couldn’t make it down for Spicemas this year, you’re probably scrambling for some means of being there in spirit. Fortunately, there’s Skinny Banton’s “Soak It Good” video.

This one’s been out for a minute, predating the summertime rush of Spicemas tunes, but if you’re looking to transport yourself to Grenada’s carnival with any means short of coating yourself in black oil, you can’t do much better. “Soak It Good” employs a favorite Caribbean double entendre that goes back to The Mighty Sparrow—that of the saltfish, and a woman’s private parts—to highly entertaining effect, complete with a detailed description of the saltfish seasoning process. The theme continues into the video, which is filled with Jab Jab dancers preparing saltfish (literal saltfish, not the figurative kind) in the streets.

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LargeUp Presents Jam Central – It’s A Carnival (2014 Summer Soca Mix)

Words by LargeUp Crew


Soca music tends to fan out into the world through two different waves over the course of the year. First, around the start of the year (and increasingly during the holiday season the year before), you have the tunes for Trinidad Carnival. And then, as spring turns into summer, things start getting hot again as the carnival calendar moves through the Eastern Caribbean from St. Vincent to Grenada.

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Toppa Top 10: The Biggest Soca Tunes of 2013

Words by Jam Central, Tishanna Williams and Jesse Serwer—

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Heavyweight Champion: Watch Mr. Killa’s “Rolly Polly” Video

Words by Jam Central


Jamaican artists have long been known to sing about their affinity for voluptuous women. Classic tunes like The Heptones’ “I Need a Fat Girl (Fattie Fattie),” Shaggy’s “Mampie” or Ranking Dread’s “Fattie Boom Boom” give praise to plump posteriors, but they are not the only ones in the Caribbean who share that sentiment.

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Footprints: New Doc Spotlights Grenadian Sprinter Kirani James

Words by Tasha Brown—


Footprints is an appropriate title for the upcoming documentary which looks to shed light on Grenadian Olympic sprinter Kirani James‘ humble story. It’s clear from this preview that Kirani is making his mark in history for his hometown, Gouyave, and the rest of the world, as he continues to break records effortlessly and graciously. He’s the reason Grenadians many are smiling.

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