Nov 29, 2014
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Posts tagged: graphic design

Seen: Vintage Rum Advertisements from the Gallery of Graphic Design

Words by Jesse Serwer—

Mining through the depths of a Google Image search recently, I came across a striking throwback advertisement for Dagger, a long-forgotten Jamaican rum produced by J Wray and Nephew in the 1950s. That discovery led to another: TJS Labs’ Gallery of Graphic Design database, a treasure trove of advertisements from days gone by. Their archives for rum are particularly rich, with ads for Myers’s and Ronrico as well as other long-defunct brands like  Old St. Croix, from the pages of Time, Life, Sports Illustrated and the Saturday Evening Post, spanning the 1930s through to the mid-’60s Mad Men era. The Dagger ad below, it seems, appeared in the April 27, 1959 issue of Sports Illustrated. Scroll down for more visual gold from the GGS archives.

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Visual Culture: Stussy x Jamaica

Words by Eddie STATS Houghton


If you hang out with the cool kids you may have already heard about the new Greensleeves First 100 Covers book from Stussy and the T-Shirt line it inspired, both featuring classic images of Yellowman, Scientist, Eek-A-Mouse and other Jamaican giants. But you may or not know that Stussy was the original, original brand to merge streetwear fashion tropes with reggaematical inspiration going all the way back to their Jah Lion tee in 1980. That being the case, it seemed only appropriate that in addition to supporting the current project we go a mile or two deeper and talk to the bosses at Stussy about the history of the brand and it’s long-distance Jamaican love affair. Check the book and accompanying mixtape, enjoy these visual gems–but more importantly, look for the exclusive interview in the next week or two!

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Visual Culture: Darhil Crooks, Part few

words by Eddie STATS Houghton Photobucket Our epic Q&A with the art director of Esquire magazine  (and Gargamel music!) continues in Darhil Crooks: Part II, the Electric Boogaloo…in this segment, Mr. Crooks gets into some of the particular challenges facing visual artists in the Jamaican community as well as highlights of his design career, from Dave Chappelle rocking his Lee Perry t-shirt to his detachable Obama head.

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Visual Culture: Darhil Crooks

Words by Eddie STATS Houghton bb2

We decided to profile Darhil Crooks on Large Up because we were pretty sure you didn‘t know that the same cat who designed album covers and tees for Buju Banton also happened to be the trendsetting art director of the award-winning Esquire magazine and we wanted to put you up. But once we sat down to reason with him, we started learning all kinds of things that even we didn’t know–like which former Jamaican Prime Minister happens to be his grandfather, about the time Dave Chappelle wore one of his t-shirts and how he came into possession of a miniature replica of Barack Obama’s head. In fact we learned so much we might have to break this interview into two parts. Maybe you better get started:

LU: So how did you get into the magazine world, you started while you were still in school correct?

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