Nov 28, 2014
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Posts tagged: gospel

Rave Inna Church: Skerrit Bwoy + Electric Gospel’s “Soca Gospel” Mixtape (LargeUp Premiere)

Words by Deejay Theory —

Soca Gospel  Mixtape - Vol. 1 (SkerritBwoy x ElectricGospel)
Our ever-blessed Antiguan bredrin Skerrit Bwoy is back with the latest offering from his unique Electric Gospel project, fusing faith and music of all genres in new and unheard directions. The days of daggering in the dance are history for Skerrit, with gospel music taking center stage as opposed to the 12-foot ladder he was known for in his Major Lazer days…

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Album Stream: Freddie McGregor’s “Di Captain”

Words by Jesse Serwer—

Freddie McGregor

This year marks Freddie McGregor’s 50th in the music business, but don’t jump to any conclusions: he got his start at age seven, singing with vocal group The Clarendonians, back when he was known as “Little Freddie.”

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Mixtape Mondays: Skerrit Bwoy, Safari Sound, Poirier, Trini Shotta

Words by DJ Theory—

It is indeed Christmas Eve and Mixtape Mondays has a few gifts for you as always. We’ve been graced with a unique and appropriate mix from the Electric Gospel, more raw dancehall from Sweden, and breezy soca vibes from Canada to Trinidad. Happy Holidays from MM!

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LargeUp Exclusive: Stream Beres Hammond’s New Album ‘One Love, One Life’

Words by Jesse Serwer, Images by Martei Korley—

Beres Hammond One Love, One Life

Jamaica’s greatest living singer has a new album, and it is one of his strongest records in years.

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Pon De Cross: Skerrit Bwoy Gone Gospel

Words by Jesse Serwer—

LargeUp and Skerrit Bwoy go way back, in fact it was our own DJ Gravy who put Diplo down with Skerrit, leading to his role as hypeman for Major Lazer. As you may have heard, the world’s best-known proponent of daggering left Major Lazer (and disavowed daggering) after finding the Lord late last year. We assumed this also meant that Skerrit was retiring his over-the-top stage persona, but apparently he’s the same ol’ wild and crazy Skerrit, just with a Bible, and minus the daggering.

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Gospel A Bubble: Konshens Meets Richie Stephens Inna Church

Words by Jesse Serwer—

The growing consensus in dancehall seems to be that Konshens is its newest breakout star, a status he’s achieved not by following formula but rather with his diversity. The deejay has called out rasta imposters, larged up Jamaica’s dancing scene with “Do Sum’n,” made one of the biggest girl tunes in a while in “Gal A Bubble” and, in a rare misstep, gone the shameless crossover route with “Jamaican Dance.” But his latest move may be his most interesting one yet: he’s gone the gospel route with his feature on Richie Stephens’ “The Lord’s Prayer.”

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