Sep 03, 2014
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Posts tagged: Eastern Parkway

Impressions: Our Best Photos From the West Indian American Day Carnival

Words by Jesse Serwer. Photos by Reid Van Renesse, Alex Solmssen, Simone Serwer and Yofray Ray


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Cocktail Cinema: Crown Heights, Nutcracker + J’Ouvert Star in Fat Tony’s “BKNY”

Words by Jesse Serwer—

Fat Tony BKNY coconut

There’s nothing like the energy in Central Brooklyn (a/k/a “Real Brooklyn”) at the end of the summer, in the days leading up to Labor Day and the West Indian Day Parade. That’s the backdrop for “BKNY,” the latest video from NY underground rapper Fat Tony. Though the song features Jamaican-Guyanese BK rap duo Old Money, the pair are absent from the video, which instead features cameos from Mr. MFN eXquire, Kool AD of Das Racist, Nick Catchdubs, and Tenille, and landmarks like Ali’s Roti Shop and the Eastern Parkway road divider.

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Impressions: The Styles of NYC’s West Indian Parade

Words by Jesse Serwer, Photos by Reid Van Renesse—


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Impressions: Ramajay Mas Band at Mas Camp and Carnival

Photos by Reid Van Renesse—


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Carnival Business: West Indian American Labor Day Parade Grind

Words and Photo by Sherman Escoffery, via Billboard.Biz

Celebrating its 45th year in existence, the annual West Indian American Day Carnival is one of the biggest festivals in North America, bringing out over three million spectators and revelers onto Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn. This is no small feat for any organization to pull off annually, even with 45 years of experience. Billboard magazine published this interesting article about the parade, that goes behind the scene of the West Indian American Day Carnival, (WIADC) the organization responsible for putting the huge festival together. Its newly appointed president Thomas Bailey talks about securing corporate sponsorship from companies like Bacardi Rum to Western Union, the carnival’s economic impact on the city, and all the other events that culminate with today’s Labor Day parade. Check out the excerpt below and get the full story at Billboard.Biz:

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Fashion Friday Part Few: The Styles of Brooklyn Carnival, Cont’d

Words by Eddie STATS Houghton, photos by Yofray Ray

The LargeUp crew was out on Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn in full force on Monday, with several photographers documenting the explosion of color that is the annual West Indian American Day Parade. In this last of three posts documenting the festivities, Yofray Ray–the youngest photographer on the LargeUp set–brings his distinctive eye to street-style–or rather, Parkway style.

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