Jul 29, 2014
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Posts tagged: Dancehall

LargeUp Premiere: EchoSlim + Nicko Rebel feat. Kari Jess — Di Best


You might recognize the name EchoSlim from his wicked, LargeUp-approved hip-hop remix of The Wailers’ “Bus Dem Shut” and his super dope SuperCat tribute remix/video “Salute We,  as well as his work holding down DJ duties for Miami’s Black Violin. As he’s let us know before, Slim is also a highly experienced dancehall selector, with an ear towards the dancefloor, something he’s put to use for his latest release.

Slim and production partner Nicko Rebel recruited vocalist Kari Jess to drop some vocals on “Di Best,” but the emphasis here is on the riddim—the vocals are deployed sparingly enough you can still almost call it an instrumental. With its stampeding kick drums, 808 bass drop and bubbling synth melody, the track puts elements hip-hop/trap and EDM next to dancehall signifiers like the ubiquitous “hey” chant, placing it in a sweet spot of DJ friendliness. Expect to hear more voices pon di riddim soon but, in the meantime, download the track below, and tell us what you think.

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You Rate It: Blondie Gets Back To The Caribbean With Los Rakas

Words by Natalie Weiner—


In 1980, Blondie’s “The Tide Is High” (a cover of the Paragons’ 1967 original) arrived as part of a wave (no pun intended) of reggae-influenced punk and pop. The single was one of Blondie’s many genre-bending, but always danceable, hits—as Debbie Harry put it, “Being from New York, Blondie albums have always been a montage or collage of things that we’re into.”

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LargeUp Premiere: Stream DJ Prince’s “Test My Sound” LP

Words by Jesse Serwer—


Coming out of NYC’s Duck Down camp, DJ Prince makes hip-hop with a reggae- and dancehall-influenced point of view. Think “Sound Bwoy Bureill” by Smif N Wessun mixed with Busta Rhymes’ forays into patois-inflected rap, and you’ll have something of an idea of the flavor on the triple-threat MC/producer/DJ’s debut LP, Test My Sound.

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Bam Bam! Miranda Kerr Gets Naked to Sister Nancy’s Classic in New Reebok Commercial

Words by Jesse Serwer—


Sister Nancy’s “Bam Bam” is a song with a uniquely charmed life. Not a particularly big hit in Jamaica upon its release (“One, Two,” released around the same time in 1982, was far bigger), it found its way to cult classic status in New York, where it became a Caribbean party staple and eventually caught the hip-hop world’s attention. In the early ’90s, it was sampled by Main Source for “Just Hanging Out,” Too Short for “Blowjob Betty” and remixed by DJs including Stretch Armstrong.

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AUDIO: Popcaan — “Love Yuh Bad”

Words by Natalie Weiner—Popcaan LargeUp

Another day, another new tune from dancehall crooner Popcaan, who’s steady promoting his forthcoming project Where We Come From, out June 10th. “Love Yuh Bad,” the album’s second single, is something of a return to form for the unruly boss—a “love”/lust-themed, party-ready anthem, though the stripped down production (courtesy of Mixpak’s Dre Skull) is actually pretty in line with that of the first single, “Everything Nice.” Both tracks share a fresh, modern aesthetic that, at least according to Miss Info (and she should know, right?), “could impact top 40 stations if worked properly.” At the very least, with these big tunes he’s definitely living up to his title as one of 2014′s most important dancehall acts.

The lyrics video is an interesting touch—if you’re not from the Caribbean, and the nuances of your favorite dancehall singer’s patois sometimes evade you, prepare yourself for an education. Popcaan is definitely not mincing words on this one, going from the club, to the bedroom, to the alter, and back again in his “inimitably hyper-sexual style.”

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AUDIO: Popcaan Keeps it Clean on “V.S.O.P”

Words by Deejay Theory —


Another smooth tune from our chargie Popcaan, one that’s best enjoyed neat in a snifter for sipping rather than shots in a party cup. The song mirrors a similar feeling to that of his still-bubbling anthem “Everything Nice” — which recently saw a large remix featuring Mavado — keeping the melancholic vibes at the front with no need to rush the ting. Already receiving forwards in Jamaica, this will no doubt become another big summertime single from the unruly boss, a key player in our recent roundup of reasons why dancehall nuh dead. Very special indeed…

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