Apr 21, 2014
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Posts tagged: Dancehall Choreography

Blacka’s World: The First Dancehall Ragga Jam World Conference

Words by Blacka Di Danca—


This past weekend was glorious for dancehall. The world’s first dancehall dance convention, officially known as the Dancehall Ragga Jam World Conference, was held in Paris, France, and it was a huge success.

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Blacka’s World: Blacka Loses Himself + Teaches The World

Words by LargeUp Crew—


The Winter Olympics weren’t the only international culture clash happening in Russia last month. While the world’s greatest cold-weather athletes were proving themselves in Sochi, our Blacka Di Danca was in Moscow getting an army of Russian dancers in sync with dancehall during his latest instructional tour. If this video (an Instagram-sized preview of a more extensive clip to come) doesn’t speak volumes about dancehall’s global appeal, we don’t know what does.

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Wine Class: Blacka Di Danca + Friends’ Triple Threat Dancehall Workshop

Words by LargeUp Crew—


Blacka Di Danca has been all over the world in the last few months, most recently on a tour through Europe which included a spell on the road with Major Lazer. Now, LargeUp’s global dancehall ambassador is back home in NYC, where he’s reconvening with Jessica Phoenix and Yaminah Legohn—the trio of dancers recently came together to choreograph Fiyah! Dancehall Theater — for a dance workshop at Brooklyn’s Cumbe Center for African and Diaspora Dance.

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Bad Gyal Ting Dis: Dancehall Takes Over NYC’s Sybarite Dance Showcase

Words by Emily Shapiro—

One of dancehall’s wickedest choreography duos posted some footage from their most recent creation, performed at New York’s Syabrite dance showcase—and di ting mad a road! The piece titled “Real Bad Gyals” features some very familiar ladies from the New York dancehall scene, including a good friend of ours, the very fine Lindsay Hall, and these women definitely lived up to the title.

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Bruk It Down, 101: Mr. Vegas x Dance Xpressionz

Words by Jesse Serwer—

Ladies, feel like yuh wanna bruk-bruk-bruk-bruk it down but not sure if you know exactly how? From female video director Jay Jay (of Terminal 4, the team behind Lexx’s “Rugu Rugu video) and Mr. Vegas, we have a brand-new video (premiering right here) featuring Dance Xpressionz, the Kingston dance crew featured in the “Bruk it Down” video. Watch the ladies of Dance Xpressionz demonstrate the choreography, as well as that of two other recent Vegas hits, “Party Tun Up” and “Run Up n Down.” Those two are mere warm-ups, apparently, for the strenuousness of Bruk it Down. As Dance Xpressionz’s Shelly says, “If you are able, try it, if you are not able, don’t try it, just watch and enjoy it.”

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