Nov 22, 2014
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Posts tagged: Damian Marley

You Rate It: Damian Marley + Sean Paul’s “Riot”

Words by Jesse Serwer—


With electronic dance music’s influence on dancehall growing considerably lately, two of the earliest adopters of the trend, Sean Paul and Damian Marley, have gotten back on the train with their latest, “Riot.” (Sean’s last LP Tomahawk Technique was geared more towards European clubs than the dancehall; Damian’s 2012 collaboration with Skrillex, “Make It Bun Dem,” is perhaps the most visible fusion of dubstep and dancehall)

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VIDEO: Wayne Marshall’s “I Know”

Words by Kimberly Burgess—


In his video for “I Know,” Wayne Marshall pushes the good guy we have all come to love aside–rude boy Marshall is so much more captivating! As he tells a rival, “you’re no threat to me,” stealing away with the man’s girl right in the same dance, it’s obvious that the singjay who built his career as dancehall’s soft-spoken, go-to crooner is stepping with new confidence since signing with the Marley Brothers’ Ghetto Youths International. Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley and Sean “Young Pow” Diedrick produced this rocker, the first single off of TRU Colors, Marshall’s debut on the imprint and his sophomore album. TRU has a September release date.

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LargeUp Premiere: Stephen Marley feat. Spragga Benz and Damian Marley, “Bongo Nyah”

Words by Jesse Serwer—


Sure, we love our culture tunes and badman tunes but, as any sound man (or gyal) knows, the most lighter-worthy, forward-inducing reggae/dancehall tunes are those that blur the lines between—and transcend— these two categories. A Bongo nyah is an age-old term describing a Rasta man who is also a gangster man, so you know with any song that uses it, you’re getting a little bit of both and, most likely, a big, big chune.

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TRU Music: Hear Wayne Marshall’s Jr. Gong-Produced Single, “I Know”

Words by Jesse Serwer—


If you didn’t know, Wayne Marshall is officially a part of the Marley family’s Ghetto Youths International family. Marshall’s single “Go Hard” appeared on the Ghetto Youths LP Set Up Shop, Vol. 1 earlier this year, and his new album TRU Colors is set to drop via the label later this summer. The deejay will also hit the road this summer with the Ghetto Youths crew which, besides him (that’s Wayne, second from right at the top), currently includes (clockwise from top left) Julian Marley, Black-Am-I, Christopher Ellis, Jo Mersa, Stephen Marley and Damian Marley.

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LargeUp Premiere: Damian + Stephen Marley Remix Eric Clapton

Words by Jesse Serwer—


The connection between Eric Clapton and Bob Marley runs deep. “Slowhand”‘s 1974 version of  “I Shot the Sheriff” is perhaps the most famed reggae cover of all-time, and the song that gave Marley’s music some of its earliest mainstream exposure in the U.S. To this day, it’s the only Clapton single (solo or otherwise) to hit No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100, and the only Marley composition to do so as well.

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PHOTOS: The Next Generation of Marleys

Words by Jesse Serwer, Photo By Mariamma Kambon

Marleys, the Next Generation

Saturday’s 9 Mile Festival in Miami was a coming of age thing for the grandchildren of Bob Marley. Daniel Bambaata Marley, eldest son of Ziggy, helped warm up the crowd with a well-received early performance at the surprisingly cold and wintery event. Jo Mersa Marley, Stephen’s eldest son, joined his father and uncles Damian and Julian onstage to perform his own material during their headlining set later in the evening. The younger Marleys have performed at the annual Marley family-affiliated festival before but this year saw them take a more prominent place at the proceedings, fresh off their appearances on the new Ghetto Youths International album Set Up Shop. Volume 1.

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