Apr 20, 2014
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Posts tagged: culture

Rebel Music: Watch Randy Valentine’s “Sound the Alarm” Video

Words by Deejay Theory —

Screen shot 2014-04-08 at 11.40.25 AM

Big tune and explosive new video from the Jamaican-born, UK-residing Randy Valentine. This is definitely an artist we expect to hear a lot more movements from in 2014, as evident by the sick video for his current single “Sound the Alarm” and debut EP dropping this May. The tune is produced by Riga from Hemp Higher as well as the one Jr. Blender from the mighty So Shifty camp in Germany. Following a righteous intro from RV family Lionheart that reminds me of something from the “hip-hopera” Fugee era, the message continues into the heavy one drop chorus and subsequent barrage of lyrics that will immediately draw you in — or in this case make you run for cover. Wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if this tune gets rinsed heavy this summer.

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Mixtape Mondays: Youthman Promotion, J-Lava, Perfect Giddimani

Words by Deejay Theory —

MM 23

With WMC at a close and Carnival time in Jamaica rapidly approaching, the vibes don’t stop at Mixtape Mondays. Some untouchable dubplates are paired with brand new soca and a bit of one drop from memory lane. Wheel up below

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Trini Cinema: Janine Fung’s “Paramin: The Odyssey of Hope”

Words by Marcha M. Johnson—


As with other Caribbean islands, Trinidad’s history is a rich with diversity in population and traditions. Whatever the occasion, chances are there is a community in Trinidad that recognizes it and makes a spectacle of its observation. Nonetheless, to the disdain of many village elders, there has been rampant cultural erasure as communities struggle to preserve the history and heritage that has given birth to Trinidad’s international reputation and identity as a tourist destination.

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Mixtape Mondays: So Shifty, Brimstone Sounds x Sizzla Kalonji, Duss Ova aka 220 Sound

Words by Deejay Theory —

MM 35

With Carnival rapidly approaching and winter wrapping up soon we’re keeping the music and vibes flowing as always here at Mixtape Mondays. So whether you’re getting ready for the road or just getting ready for work we got you… Wheel up some memories and brand new music below

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Mixtape Mondays: Romain Virgo x Tek 9 Movements, King Addies, Kalibandulu

Words by Deejay Theory —

MM 41

More madness and vibes this week at Mixtape Mondays, with a full dose of foundation, exclusives and brand new dancehall shellings. Brooklyn, Jamaica and Italy hold the torch this week, catch a fire below:

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Mixtape Mondays: The Heatwave, Smutlee, Cocotaxi, Riddim Wise

Words by Deejay Theory —

MM 23

With January coming to a screeching halt after this week, we’re moving strictly forward with brand new music and vibes for 2014 at Mixtape Mondays. Fresh deliveries of reggae, dancehall, tropical, bass and more just shipped in from the UK, Australia, Sweden and Montreal. From gyrations to meditations we got you covered right here.

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