Oct 31, 2014
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Posts tagged: Cuba

Wild Caribbean: The Caribbean’s Most Unusual Animals

Words by and Marcha M. Johnson, Jesse Serwer and Natalie Weiner—


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Throwback Thursdays: Dancehall Queen Carlene Conquers Cuba

Words by Jesse Serwer—


Yesterday, we acknowledged the original dancehall queen, Carlene Smith (a/k/a DHQ Carlene), as one of the baddest Jamaican gyals of all-time. While doing our research we turned up something rather fascinating about the Butterfly creator and former Beenie Man flame (happy birthday, Beenie Man!)  that we never knew: in the ’90s, Carlene and her signature dance were even bigger and more celebrated in communist Cuba than at home in Jamaica. As Carlene bluntly puts it in this Jamaican news segment, “When I got to Cuba, over 30,000 people turned up to see me do the butterfly… There wasn’t a stageshow, there was just me, Carlene from Jamaica.”

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DOWNLOAD: Kat Dahlia “Gangsta” (Deejay Theory Remix + Dub)

Words by LargeUp Crew—


When he’s not bringing you our Mixtape Mondays column every week or jet setting pon tour, our boy Deejay Theory stays in the studio cranking out high-grade original remixes and bootlegs in multiple arenas. For this offering, he’s put his signature touch on newcomer Kat Dahlia‘s large new single “Gangsta“, and the result is a lush and soulful reggae remix built from the ground up. Via Theory: I was immediately drawn to Kat Dahlia after hearing “Gangsta” on SF radio and was inspired to take her vocals in a modern reggae and dub direction for the summer.

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Rum Wars: Havana Club Vs… Havana Club

Words by Jesse Serwer—


For years, two different Havana Club rums have been produced in two different countries by two different companies. A legacy of the now 53-year-old U.S.-Cuba trade embargo, the situation has recently been the subject of a battle between the US and the EU (along with Cuba) on the floor of the World Trade Organization. Yep, a bottle of rum is the source of strained relations between the world’s superpowers.

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Short Folio: Alessandro Zuek Simonetti’s Cuban Odyssey

Words and Photos by Alessandro Zuek Simonetti, Intro by Martei Korley—

Alessandro Simonetti Cuba

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Video: Dubstep and Smoking Havana – Mala In Cuba documentary

Words by Sherman Escoffery—

Gilles Peterson on Mala In Cuba: “This is the record that reevaluates and realigns the Dubstep movement within sound system culture.”

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