Nov 28, 2014
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Posts tagged: caribbean music

Fashion Fridays: Converse “Caribbean Music” Chuck Taylors

Words by Jesse Serwer—

They’re no Clarks, but hi-top Chuck Taylor All Stars have found their way into more than a few Caribbean musicians’ wardrobes over the years. Now, there’s Chucks with Caribbean musicians on the shoe. Available in yellow and navy, the hi-tops’ all-over prints depict sax players, percussionists, dancers in vintage attire, palm trees and 45s. The limited-edition kicks are available online from Tokyo shop, Atmos.

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Interview: Diplo On The Politics of Outsider Dancehall

Words by Jesse Serwer, Interview by Eddie STATS Houghton—

Okayplayer head honcho Eddie STATS Houghton recently sat down with Diplo and Chief Boima of Dutty Artz and Ghetto Bassquake fame for a wide-ranging conversation themed around the politics of the emerging music phenomenon known as tropical bass. The concept was inspired in part by a long-running, Twitter-fueled debate between Boima and Diplo regarding the current globalization of underground music, and set out as its aim bringing that conversation to some sort of resolution. Among too many other topics to name, the conversation touched on the politics behind Major Lazer and Diplo’s interaction with the dancehall. Read below to see how that particular segment of the conversation played out. And if you never have, catch our LargeUp TV episode with Diplo in Jamaica for more on his interaction and background with dancehall culture.

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