Nov 23, 2014
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Posts tagged: Bruk it Down

Dancehall Takeover: Blacka di Danca, Sir Ledgen + Kye Kye Legacy On Fuse

Words by Emily Shapiro

photo 1

Wednesday night, Fuse TV’s weekly show The Hustle After Party got real bashy when Large Up friends Blacka di Danca and Sir Ledgen showed off their dancing skills along side Kye Kye Legacy of famed Jamaican crew Ghetto Legacy.

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Audio: Walshy Fire + So Shifty Remix “Bruk It Down”

Words by Tasha Brown—

Just when you thought Mr. Vegas’ “Bruk It Down” couldn’t be mixed anymore, Walshy Fire and So Shifty have put a fresh spin on Vegas’ year-old-yet-still-going dancehall hit over the holidays. Walshy and So Shifty are no strangers to dancehall remixes, but the Jamaican born, Miami-based selector/mic man and the German production duo took this one—actually, there’s two, slightly different remixes—in a surprising direction that recalls Brazilian baile funk and Baltimore club, and is driven by the twangy sound of a jew’s harp. When two (well, three) dancehall gurus merge on an already-banging Mr. Vegas track, this is what it sounds like:

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LargeUp TV: MissLikkleBit’s Hilltop Bounce

Words by Jesse Serwer, Photo and Video by Martei Korley—

If you’ve been to dancehall parties in New York, or ever tried to learn how to Bruk It Down, you may have come across our friend, MissLikkleBit. You may have also caught her choreography live on stage during one of Major Lazer’s insane live shows. The diminutive, Jamaica-born dynamo, who has amassed nearly 2 million views for her astounding interpretation of Mr. Vegas’ latest hit, is one of the most talented dancehall dancers we know. You’d never know it from her humble demeanor, though, which flies in great contrast to most of her contemporaries.

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Bruk It Down, 101: Mr. Vegas x Dance Xpressionz

Words by Jesse Serwer—

Ladies, feel like yuh wanna bruk-bruk-bruk-bruk it down but not sure if you know exactly how? From female video director Jay Jay (of Terminal 4, the team behind Lexx’s “Rugu Rugu video) and Mr. Vegas, we have a brand-new video (premiering right here) featuring Dance Xpressionz, the Kingston dance crew featured in the “Bruk it Down” video. Watch the ladies of Dance Xpressionz demonstrate the choreography, as well as that of two other recent Vegas hits, “Party Tun Up” and “Run Up n Down.” Those two are mere warm-ups, apparently, for the strenuousness of Bruk it Down. As Dance Xpressionz’s Shelly says, “If you are able, try it, if you are not able, don’t try it, just watch and enjoy it.”

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Giveaway: Win A “Sweet Jamaica” Prize Pack From Mr. Vegas

Words by Jesse Serwer—

We’ve been raving about Mr. Vegas’ Sweet Jamaica since we first heard the album at the top of the year. The dancehall tunes on disc one, the new versions and updates of classic Jamaican festival songs on disc two, and the classic reggae poster-inspired cover art all come together to form one of the best reggae album packages in recent memory.

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Viral Gyal: Watch Dancehall Queen Miss Likkle Bit’s ‘Bruk It Down’ Video

Words by Emily Shapiro Photo by Martei Korley


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