Oct 01, 2014
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Posts tagged: Brooklyn

LargeUp Premiere: Red Fox’s “Soulja” Video

Words by Jesse Serwer—


Red Fox is one of the pillars of dancehall music in New York City. Sure, he originally hails from St. Catherine, Jamaica and came to fame with the classic “Down in Jamaica” (alongside singer Naturalee) but the rough-voiced deejay has called NYC home for decades.

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Ultimate ‘Warrior’: Gold Shop x Witty x Sammy Dread

Words by Jesse Serwer—


While we’re in throwback mode on a Thursday, we thought we’d alert y’all to the return of one of our favorite reissues labels, Brooklyn’s Gold Shop. Founded by reggae industry vet Dan Kuster, the imprint, with its Limonious-inspired sleeves, specializes in putting 45s from the golden era of dancehall (and specifically from NYC based labels) back into print.

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FREE DOWNLOAD: Ricky Blaze x Talib Kweli, “Down Ass Girl”

Words by Jesse Serwer—


Talib Kweli and Ricky Blaze are about as Brooklyn as it gets. But, despite hailing from same neighborhood—Flatbush— the two occupy such different corners of the music spectrum (mature backpack rap; youth-oriented dancehall pop), one might not expect the two to find their way onto the same track. Ricky’s “Down Ass Girl” hardly feels like a stretch, though: the beat has those ’90s style “boom-bap” no rapper of Kweli’s ilk can resist, but is poppy and soulful enough to suit Blaze’s smooth lover tones. The result has a bit of a Ryan Leslie x Fabolous type vibe to it. Stream and download below…

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Bruk-Up Cinema: “Flex is Kings” Documents Brooklyn’s Caribbean-Inspired Dance Movement

Words by Emily Shapiro—

Photograph by Deidre Schoo

If you’ve been to a dancehall party in Brooklyn over the past 10 years (or a Rice and Peas), you’ve seen a flexor. They can contort their bodies in unnatural ways, glide and wave their limbs with insane fluidity, and generally put on a good show at any bashment they attend.

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Throwback Thursdays: Melo-X on Tanto Metro & Devonte’s “Everyone Falls In Love”

Words by Melo-X

Tanto Metro Devonte Everyone Falls in Love

East Flatbush, Brooklyn native Melo-X is a man of many talents; he’s known as a rapper, DJ, producer and for his bold fashions. Raised by Jamaican parents, he’s also a dancehall aficionado and the co- founder of “dance party and global music utopia” Electric Punanny with Jasmine Solano. Tonight the pair will bring the Electric Punanny vibes to Miami as part of LargeUp’s Miami Winter Music Massive with Johnny Osbourne at Blackbird Ordinary. Look out for Melo’s upcoming EP, GOD: LoFI, out soon.

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The LargeUp Sessions (3/14): Samantha Black (Project Runway) + Sheldon Shepard (Better Mus’ Come)

Words by LargeUp Crew—

Samantha Black, Sheldon Shepard

Our special guests on the LargeUp Sessions with DJ Gravy tomorrow night (6 to 8 PM ET, on RadioLily.com) will be fashion designer Samantha “Sammy B.” Black of Project Runway, and actor/performer Sheldon Shepard.

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